DoHardMoney Plans Expansion of Hard Money Lending Service to States Beyond Utah and Colorado

Hard money lender has revealed plans to expand their real estate loan offerings to states beyond Utah and Colorado. Seeing that there is a nation-wide demand for investment real estate loans, DoHardMoney has made it clear that they intend to assist as many real estate investors as possible.

Salt Lake City, UT – November 9, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Hard money lender, with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado, has revealed plans to expand their real estate loan offerings to other states. Seeing that there is a real demand for investment real estate loans in other states, DoHardMoney has made it clear that they intend to share their expertise with as many real estate investors as possible.

According to Ryan Wright, CEO of DoHardMoney ( ), “Hard Money is not only changing the lives of people who borrow it, but it’s improving cities all over America. It’s all about giving someone the financing so they can quickly repair real estate properties and get them back onto the market. And we want to help as many real estate investors as we can.”

The entire American housing market has been badly hurt by the current economic slump, resulting in many more home sales and foreclosures. Many of the homes forced unexpectedly onto the market need to be fixed up before they can be resold. That’s where hard money lenders can help. Providing a bridge between banks and real estate investors, hard money lenders can help investors get housing units repaired and resold quickly and affordably. ( )

Already successful in Colorado and Utah, now plans to offer their loan services to real estate investors in even more states. Full details are expected to be released shortly, by company CEO Ryan Wright.

“Working with them for years has brought me success as an investor. The money is cheap and they can fund and close in 24 hours,” says Angela, who has had several projects funded by DoHardMoney. Wright comments, “We’re hoping to work with many more people like Angela, as we expand DoHardMoney into more states.” ( ) provides short-term investment real estate loans, usually making funding available within 48 hours. Hard money loans offer a way to fund these kinds of investments, allowing investors to fix and flip several houses in parallel. The company plans to help both individual investors and the economy to recover from the current down turn.

“Where can you find a place that will allow you to make an investment without putting any of your own money on the table?” asks Wright. “The simplest way to grow wealth is through real estate. Our program allows real estate investors to borrow hard money to fix and flip homes without fear, because Do Hard works directly with investors to choose profitable deals and avoid the bad ones.”

About Do Hard Money: provides hard money loans to investors who fix and resell real estate. Operating in Colorado and Utah, (and soon in more states) the company can lend hard money to fund 100% of purchase without demanding any down or monthly payments. can be contacted by phone at 801-468-1000, by e-mail at, or via their web site,

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