Sarah X. Dylan and Greg Nibler Launch Funemployment Radio

November 5, 2009 marks the unveiling of a new daily electronic broadcast, starring two newly-unemployed members of the Rick Emerson Show, now on hiatus.

Portland, OR – November 7, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — As Portland radio continues to shift and evolve, Sarah X. Dylan and Greg Nibler of The Rick Emerson Show have debuted their ongoing, daily netcast, Funemployment Radio.

Featuring music and pop culture news, updates on Portland nightlife and happenings, the ever-popular “Greg Nibler’s Ball Talk”, and a heaping helping of Mickey’s malt liquor, Funemployment Radio ( ) also offers a frank, behind-the-curtain look at the daily lives of between-gig media professionals.

Recently unemployed, after the very popular Rick Emerson Show was canceled by the new owners of Portland radio station KUFO, Sarah and Greg found they simply couldn’t stay away from the microphone. Borrowing concepts and popular segments from the “on hiatus” Rick Emerson Show, ( ) Dylan and Nibler are making a heroic effort to fill the pop-culture void that’s been left in Portland radio.

With a new broadcast every weekday, Funemployment Radio is a slice of entertainment from two of Portland radio’s finest.

Find out more, and start listening, at

About Sarah X. Dylan and Greg Nibler:
Sarah X. Dylan has been the producer of The Rick Emerson Show for more than 3 years, bringing a balancing female influence to the over-caffeinated and testosterone-heavy show, and playing a perfect foil to Emerson.

Greg Nibler was the most recent of a proud and talented series of production assistants on the Rick Emerson Show. His “Ball Talk” segment, which became rapidly popular on the show, is reprised on the Funemployment Radio podcasts. Visit to read the blog and hear new podcasts every weekday.

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