Fear of Public Speaking: The Secret is Rehearsing How You'll Feel, Not What You'll Say, Claims Expert

Stage fright and performance anxiety can afflict almost anyone – but traditional solutions ignore the fact that with fear of public speaking the problem isn’t the ‘speaking’, its the ‘fear’. CTRN’s latest Confidently Speaking video blog post teaches an unusual technique for eliminating stage fright.

New York, NY – November 6, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — CTRN: Change That’s Right Now, Inc. announced today the release of ‘Emotional Rehearsal’, the latest in their video series ‘Confidently Speaking’ – a series of short video tutorials on how to eliminate stage fright and fear of public speaking.

“Everyone knows you should rehearse any kind of talk, speech, or presentation,” says Seymour Segnit, creator of the Confidently Speaking video series ( http://ConfidentlySpeaking.com ) and Founder & President of CTRN, publishers of the Vanquish Speaking Fear & Performance Anxiety program. “What few people understand is that you can actually rehearse the emotions you want to feel, not just the words you want to say. It is a simple and powerful technique.”

For much of the last decade, CTRN has used the ‘Success Scenario’ system – literally getting clients to design in advance every aspect of how their presentation or performance will go, including the emotions they will experience while speaking.

Instead of defaulting to the speaking fear and anxiety normally experienced, clients remain calm, clear-headed and confident in front of an audience.

“For years I could not prevent the anxiety from speeding into motion,” says recent student Pat Smith. “Your course illuminates the missing links in combating this process; the power of our subconscious mind to respond to stimuli.”

The new episode is on YouTube at http://YouTube.com/watch?v=BkpaTXcXFgA and the latest Confidently Speaking video is always available at ConfidentlySpeaking.com. Readers are encouraged to experiment with the techniques, and further help is available either one-on-one in CTRN’s ‘VIP’ program, or with their acclaimed Vanquish Speaking Fear & Performance Anxiety program. Segnit notes that Vanquish Speaking Fear & Performance Anxiety is available both as a home-study CD program and for immediate download at: http://www.CTRN.com/fear-of-public-speaking.asp

“What is so exciting for us is how easily folks are able to overcome the fear of performing in front of others,” says Segnit, “Fear of Public Speaking is such a career-stopping problem, we’re very proud to help people all over the world to leave it behind.”

About CTRN
CTRN: Change That’s Right Now, Inc. was founded in 2002 to help people stop fear of public speaking, stage fright, and other fears, phobias and anxieties from stopping their lives. With customers in over 65 countries around the globe, today CTRN is recognized as one of the leading organizations in the field. With clients from local businesses to the Fortune 500, CTRN has developed a well-deserved reputation of discrete help for serious fears and phobias. Based in New York, CTRN can be reached at 800-828-7484 (+1-650-249-5120) or online at http://www.ChangeThatsRightNow.com.

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