Offers Social Media Branding and Visibility to Clients Who Need to be Seen, Known and Heard

Indie Marketing Genius provides clients with an extensive customized social marketing network to fulfill their marketing goals in the new global village – the Internet, social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and over 100 more.

Los Angeles, CA – November 7, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Indie Marketing Genius offers a unique niche branding service which provides complete design, set-up and maintenance services for clients’ social sites and blogs. The company offers a unique niche branding service which allows the powerful promotion of clients and products online through the leading social media channels.

Combining digital PR, creation of social media web sites, search engine marketing, press releases, and written articles by the Indie Marketing Genius team of award winning writers, IMG ( ) offers all these services, which are included with a free consultation.

The IMG team provides a unique type of niche-oriented online branding services. Indie Marketing Genius implements creative internet marketing strategies beyond search engine optimization. The company delivers visibility by creating and implementing organic content, providing design, set-up and maintenance of social sites and blogs for clients ( ).

“You rock. I love my network. I’m really, really happy. Thanks for all the work,” raves comedic actor Paul Ashton, whose social media network was created and maintained by IMG. Client and cookbook author Annette Leeds adds, “Oh my gosh, I love the network foundation you build for me… it is exactly what I was trying to get out of my head.”

IMG’s smart, creative link sharing, meta-tagging, book-marking, press releases, and testimonial articles all combine to promote their clients’ online goals. A more complete listing of available services can be seen on IMG’s web site at

The company’s staff also has, as its ongoing mission, the continual development of new, enticingly creative marketing strategies, combined with appropriate graphics, imaginative advertising and organic original content, reflecting the creative energy and authenticity that puts the client’s name on the Internet map.

“I believe in giving someone an experience of you when they visit you online,” says Bobbi Miller-Moro, President of IMG. “Visitors are left with the essence of who you are and what you do. Having you known is my passion. I love what I do.”

About Indie Marketing Genius
Promising never to use any paper in the marketing of her customers, Bobbi is quoted as being the “Green Marketing Queen”.

At the cutting edge, this mother of five is improving brand visibility with online branding, marketing and promotion. Her expertise, and PR media savvy, “serving one client at a time” on the web, allows her clients to save thousands of marketing dollars and keeping IMG at the very edge of the future of online content building, press, and branding. Indie Marketing Genius can be contacted by e-mail at or via their web site,

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