Victus Restaurants Head Chef Mariusz Releases His Grandma’s Soup Recipe

Victus Restaurants are delighted that head chef Mariusz is releasing his grandmother’s delicious soup recipe. This recipe is a warming treat which is easy to make and is packed full of nutrition.

Mariusz who is head chef of Victus Restaurants in Harrogate, is 21 years old and moved to England 10 years ago with his family. While growing up here he has still been influenced by his Grandma’s cooking and has always had a keen eye for spotting a great, tasty dish.

Along with the other team members at Victus, Mariusz loves to work in an environment where people are truly passionate about food and want to share really great cooking with the customers. The food at Victus is very tasty, full of natural goodness and flavour.

The ingredients are sourced locally and the team at Victus loves to use seasonal ingredients. The menu and specials draws on great cuisine experiences from all over the world. Customers can be guaranteed of absolute freshness and the taste of homemade goodness.

Breakfast at Victus Restaurants starts from 8am and has some lovely wholesome options and a couple of naughty but very nice options. Lunch and dinner follow that same theme and there are a variety of healthy, wholesome and really tasty choices.

From early in the morning, Mariusz and the kitchen team are busy preparing fresh homemade soup for lunch. Mariusz is so passionate about his work and loves the idea that people will be able to use his Grandma’s soup recipe, to create a perfect warming treat.

Spicy Red Pepper And Tomato Soup

Ingredients (serves 4)
– 1 tablespoon of olive oil
– 1 large white onion, chopped into 4
– 2 garlic cloves, whole
– 1 carrot, chopped
– Salt and pepper
– 500g ripe tomatoes, chopped in halves
– 500ml vegetable stock
– 5 red peppers, chopped into strips
– 1 x 440g can chopped tomatoes
– Fresh basil leaves, to serve
– 3 medium chillies, de-seeded and halved
– Serve with a fresh crusty roll


1. Heat the oven to 200c (400F) and place the peppers, garlic, onion, tomatoes and carrot on a non stick tray and sprinkle the olive oil over the top. Place the tray in the oven and cook for 30 minutes.

2. Take a large saucepan and place on to a medium heat and add the cooked vegetables from the oven.

3. Now add the chillies, tinned tomatoes and stock and cook for 10 minutes until hot.

4. Remove from the heat and blend until smooth.

5. Return to the heat and season to taste.

You can also see some of the nutritional benefits of some of the main ingredients on the Victus Restaurants blog.

About Victus Restaurants:
Victus Restaurants opened its doors on 5th September 2011. It was born from a desire to create a different style of restaurants by a team of founders who are all super passionate about food.

The founders and team of Victus Restaurants are inspired by different types of cuisine from around the world. They love creating that perfect blend of a great atmosphere, really tasty food and staff who are friendly and enjoy their work.

Victus Restaurants looks forward to sharing really good, fresh homemade food and great moments together with their customers.

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