Unveils Their New Cost Per Action Affiliate Marketing Network to Publishers and Advertisers offers advertisers the opportunity to pay publishers based strictly on their performance. The launch of their affiliate marketing network focuses on a successful, highly targeted group of publishers and advertisers.

Venice, FL – July 21, 2009 (RichContent) — has announced the launch of their affiliate marketing network this week. is an online marketing portals where merchants (“advertisers”) connect with online publishers (“affiliates”) to generate revenue through online advertisements and promotions.

The Cost Per Action Affiliate Marketing Model ( ) works by allowing advertisers to pay publishers only when a specific agreed upon action is taken by a visitor. Cost Per Action Marketing Programs include the advertiser paying a publisher on a per lead, per sale or when a form is completely filled out.

Drawing on the online marketing industry’s broadest portfolio of performance marketing tools, Click On It Media matches advertiser needs to publishers’ inventory to form partnerships that last. Affiliates are online marketers who drive traffic to offers through email marketing as well as pay per click marketing and search engine optimization. Advertisers thereby dramatically increase their Return On Investment because they only pay for real sales or real leads. The other big advantage of this business model is that advertisers retain a fixed cost for every lead or sale that is generated. In other words, advertisers get exactly what they pay for, which is often a huge advantage to minimizing the volatility of marketing expenses as reflected on companies balance sheets on a month to month basis.

Offering affiliates a powerful platform is one of the keys to’s success. Online marketers can join, login to their accounts and find hundreds of top offers organized by niche. Likewise, Click On It Media’s performance-based solutions focus on state of the art metrics and reporting where advertisers learn exactly what each consumer wants and maximize the revenue based on that information.

Estimated to be a ten billion dollar industry, online affiliate marketing ( ) currently is an essential part of a brands marketing strategy.

It is FREE to join the Click On It Media Affiliate Marketing Network, and all it takes is just a couple minutes to get your account up and running! Contact your Affiliate Manager today to see if you qualify. Check it out at

As online commerce continues to blossom, Fortune 500 companies are recognizing the power of the Cost Per Action CPA Affiliate Marketing business model. Advertisers benefit from this low risk marketing and branding vehicle, and affiliates benefit from finding blue chip companies who do all of the fulfillment once commerce has been conducted.

As founder and Chief Executive Officer David Pascht states, “Whether you are a merchant or affiliate we recognize that it ALL begins online when a prospect decides to ‘Click On It.'”

About Click On It Media:

Click On It Media was founded in 2009 to serve the ever-growing and diverse online marketing community. Click On It Media has developed an advanced marketing organization. Our team includes experts in the fields of advertising, publishing, and technology. Our mission is to maintain a position of integrity and excellence by matching affiliates with top quality merchants who recognize that their messaging and targeting must change and adapt to the diverse marketing landscape. Learn more at

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