Advantages of Advertising with WebKruz – Amazing Visual Stimulation

With the advantages of advertising with WebKruz, it seems like time for Google and Bing to move on over. The difference between these three Internet search engines is one large difference: a visual search. WebKruz search brings up images of webpages instead of streams of words.

Lone Tree, CO – October 23, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) – As the Internet world becomes more innovative, older search engines become obsolete with archaic advertisements. One of the advantages of advertising with WebKruz ( ) is that your product will step out of the realm of text only and into eye catching videos.

Felix Withers stated in his article “WebKruz: a Bright Future of Search Engine Success” that “advertisements cater to a more visual approach as sponsors are highlighted with colorful, image-rich ads rather than flat, text-heavy panels that hardly catch anyone’s attention.” This is exactly what the Internet world needs as our culture becomes more and more visually based. WebKruz takes advantage of the popularity of visuals that draw the populace.

Part of the United Smarts System, LLC, WebKruz was created in June of 2008. Unlike other private companies, you can view the people behind the company. On the WebKruz blog, you can see a picture of the CEO and VPs—true to form with their visual nature.

Advantages of advertising with WebKruz stem primarily from the amount of space they give for advertising. The ad space they offer is a large room that takes up most of the page on their home page. Ads this large are not overlooked. Once the users start searching, there are visual ads placed to the right side of the search result page for further promotion. Whether a traditional search or streaming search, advertisements will be on the right side of the search result pages, drawing the users’ eyes.

“It’s good for the advertising companies that put their ads up there, because they link them to particular key words,” point out the staff at “If the company had a chance at bringing in some new consumers, their ad would be shown to people who are searching for their keywords.”

Here are some more of the advantages of advertising with WebKruz – four new ways to sell a product or company.

1. A sixteen to thirty second video advertisement to entice visitors
2. An Internet audience for a greater chance of obtaining customers
3. An ability for creative opportunity through great digital video capacity, capturing customers and attracting interest
4. A more affordable way to produce videos on the Internet, offered by

As technology evolves, so do the types of online advertisements; while there are some advanced ideas, WebKruz is up to date and offers innovative advertising. With the many advantages to advertising with WebKruz – the eye-catching element, the direct correspondence to powerful visual searches, and digitally advanced technology—companies will discover an ability to progress powerfully online.

Starting in June of 2008, WebKruz brings to Internet users a new, visually stimulating way of searching the Internet, along with amazing digital advertisements. Their innovative ideas and desire to please public users will enhance their website and create the best search engine on the Internet.

To learn about advantages of advertising with WebKruz visit Or contact them by phone at 1-303-376-6330 or by email at

WebKruzTM is a trademark of United Smart Systems, LLC.

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