Colorado Hard Money Lender is Bullish on Colorado Real Estate Market

The present real estate crunch is making some people think twice about fixing and “flipping” homes. News reports suggest home prices are still falling, and may continue to do so well into 2011. But one Colorado company,, is helping find new opportunities to help people achieve the dream of home ownership.

Boulder, CO – October 24, 2009 – (PressReleasePivot) — The present real estate crunch is making some people think twice about “flipping” homes – reselling “fixer-uppers” for profit. News reports have recently indicated that home prices may still be falling, and might continue to do so until 2011. But one Colorado company,, is looking for the silver lining in the economic storm clouds, finding new opportunities to help people achieve the dream of home ownership.

“‘Hard money’ is the most misunderstood term in real estate investing,” says Ryan Wright, CEO of Do Hard Money ( ), a hard money lender with offices in Colorado and Utah. “Hard money is giving someone the financing so they can live the American Dream. It’s simply equity-based lending. We lend based upon the value of the property, not upon the strength of the individual.”

Hard money is a kind of asset-backed loan financing that is secured by a real estate property. In other words, it’s a type of equity loan, and the credit rating of the borrower is not as important as the market value of the property, after it’s been fixed up.

Given current state of the real estate market, a lot of turn over is happening, making this a very attractive market for investors who want to fix and flip homes. This is especially true in communities that are experiencing negative growth, which has been particularly hard on their local housing markets. Hard money lenders can bridge the gap between banks and investors or homeowners, helping to get sub-standard housing units rehabbed affordably and quickly. ( )

“They are great to work with, and I would recommend them to anyone who needs 100% financing and needs to close fast,” says Brian, one of Do Hard Money’s borrowers.

“We fund investment real estate within 48 hours,” adds Mr. Wright. “We don’t want our clients to fail. We won’t let them commit to bad deals. Our goal is to make our clients profitable. By Dec 31, 2015 we want our clients to have made $18.5 Million dollars profit.”

DoHardMoney works with real estate investors on a broad spectrum of investment properties, usually arranging financing within 48 hours.

DoHardMoney’s CEO Ryan Wright calls rehabilitating homes “the greatest job you could ever have”, benefiting the community by improving the quality of housing, creating local jobs, and earning whatever amount of money you choose. Wright says, “Hard money is not only changing the lives of people who borrow it, but it’s also improving cities all over this country.”

About Do Hard Money: offers hard money loans to investors who fix and flip real estate. Operating in Colorado and Utah, and expanding soon to more states, the company can lend hard money to fund 100% of purchase without demanding any down or monthly payments. can be contacted by phone at 303-747-3848, by e-mail at, or via their web site,

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