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Homeowners, housing authorities and construction companies can avoid the health risks that water damage and black mold can cause by speedily addressing the source of the problem and removing the mold. Building Cleaning Services, a leading Los Angeles mold remediation company, says fast, effective mold removal could prevent lengthy and expensive litigation that can result from neglect of the problem.

Multi-million dollar verdicts and settlements regarding black mold damage that caused health risks were reported in 2010, one case topping almost $12 million. In that instance, a housing authority ignored tenant complaints of mold, aggravating respiratory problems in a 12-year-old asthmatic girl who allegedly suffered oxygen deprivation during an asthma attack, resulting in brain damage.

In another case this year, a lawsuit on behalf of a mother and baby resulted in a $550,000 settlement against a landlord who had rented them a house and ignored long-term roof leaks causing mold. The plaintiffs alleged that mold and other conditions worsened the mother’s pre-existing asthma, and contributed to the premature birth of her son.

While there aren’t standard guidelines about how much or what kind of mold is toxic, mold has been blamed for headaches, respiratory problems, lung disease, skin rashes and memory loss.

Building Cleaning Services - Los Angeles Mold Removal CompanyBuilding Cleaning Services (BCS) takes the worry out of mold removal but urges those concerned by it to act quickly. As one BCS client stated, “If you suspect water damage in a wall, don’t take time to think it over. Act! Staining means that moisture is in the wall. Mold grows in 24 hours. It doesn’t take a big opening to allow a lot of water to come inside—a bit of decayed caulking by the window trim can cause a whole lotta grief.”

“Sheldon and Jeff from BCS came out immediately to my home and patiently explained what had occurred. Of course this was scary for me, but I knew I was in good hands… the BCS guys are great fun to be around,” said one recent BCS customer.


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