Need Better Ideas, Faster? IdeaFisher Retro-7, for Windows 7 Resurrects Classic IdeaFisher Program

For years IdeaFisher Brainstorming Software has been the application of choice for creative professionals. Now, thanks to creative recoding provided by our good friends at Microsoft, the original IdeaFisher program is available once again – this time Windows 7 users. A warehouse of fully-functional Copies from days gone by has been uncovered, restored and optimized to take advantage of the revolutionary OS.

“Several years ago, when Macs stopped running OS 9, and Microsoft introduced Windows 2000, IdeaFisher lacked an elegant upgrade for many of our customers,” explains David Lockman, Product Specialist for ThoughtOffice Corporation. “Now, with the release of Windows 7, some legacy applications are but a few (thousand) bits away from playing nice with the newest Windows OS. That means the storehouse discovery of our ever popular IdeaFisher program now rocks any Windows 7 users world.”

For computer users, operating system upgrades are just a fact of life. The problem is – old, favorite programs may not work any longer on the new OS.

This is just what happened to users of IdeaFisher. The groundbreaking brainstorming software first introduced by Marsh Fisher more than 25 years ago failed to make the Windows 2000 transition. Fans of the program were dismayed to find that IdeaFisher would not load or run properly any more. They put their disks away, eventually relying upon other methods to facilitate their brainstorming sessions. However, recent improvements in Windows, coupled with some new software programming, provides a gateway for IdeaFisher fans to resume brainstorming with their old, familiar (inter)face.

IdeaFisher Retro-7 is priced at only $57 for the basic version of the program. The original add-on modules are also available, starting at only $20. The program retains its original look and feel, as well as the original database and features – just the way IdeaFisher users remember them.

“When Windows 7 was introduced, we were delighted to explore the new code. Making IdeaFisher do it’s magic has always been a goal of ours,” said ThoughtOffice CEO Mark Alan Effinger. “We get requests every week from old-school IdeaFisher users who really miss the program. Now we can truly suport classic IdeaFisher users, while helping them migrate to the more advanced webtop program, ThoughtOffice. Each program has its strengths, and now folks can use both programs on the same PC!”

A large but limited number of copies of IdeaFisher Retro-7 are available. These feature a classic collection of available plugin modules that provide professional guidance and expertise. Program bundles start at $57 and are available online at, and at

About ThoughtOffice:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Washington-based technology firm focused on innovation technologies and brainstorming. Since 1986, the company founders have successfully launched and sold over a dozen companies, from advertising to laser display technology, software to Internet e-commerce. In development of brainstorming software, the development team interviewed over 800 business and innovation leaders. They apprenticed with Marsh Fisher, co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate and founder of IdeaFisher, one of the first and most popular brainstorming software programs worldwide. The result, ThoughtOffice, takes brainstorming and innovation out of the lab and makes it practical for daily use for education, business development, advertising, executive coaching and in the C-Level executive suite. ThoughtOffice Corporation can be reached at 360-450-6888, by e-mail at or

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