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The reality of the real estate market is that there are fewer new home sales and existing home sales throughout the country, including Bend, Redmond and the rest of Central Oregon. The bottom line: it’s hard to sell a home and equally as hard for home buyers to get financing, in spite of very low interest rates.

As a result, more and more existing homeowners are fixing, remodeling, and generally doing whatever they can to keep their older homes in good condition. So it’s critical for the homeowner to be particularly careful when it comes to selecting and doing business with service providers for the home. This list includes builders, plumbers, electricians, heating and air conditioning, real estate, doors and windows, insurance providers, and multiple other categories.

It is with this in mind that Bend Home Services was created. Bend Home Services is designed to help the homeowner find a contractor in Bend, Redmond or Central Oregon. BHS is comprised of elite professionals in the Home Services Industry in Bend, Redmond and Central Oregon who are committed to providing platinum-level service and workmanship to their customers. This site was built to help the homeowner to choose the right service provider for his home.

“This is an idea whose time has come,” says Jim Schneider, creator of Bend Home Services. “People who need services, from the simple leaky faucet to building a home from the ground up, now have a conduit where they can contact and discuss their needs with professionals who specialize in that service.”

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By becoming part of this Alliance, BHS Providers not only have demonstrated a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, but they have discovered an added bonus: the ability to help the consumer choose other, non-competing providers that are also a part of Bend Home Services.

“It just makes sense,” adds Schneider. “If you have a provider who has just completed a job in or around your home, you would be more likely to accept a recommendation for another provider who is also committed to excellence. This way, the homeowner can feel safe in choosing another provider when he has a need. It gives a feeling of confidence that the provider who just left your home would not jeopardize his reputation or future business by recommending someone he is not familiar with.”

During this tough economic time this concept is resonating in the marketplace. Schneider adds that so far, the concept has been met with enthusiasm by homeowners and service providers alike.

For more information about finding a qualified professional for services in the home, (or top-level providers who are proud of their work and would like to be considered for inclusion in Bend Home Services), contact Jim Schneider at 541-306-1831 or via the web at

About Bend Home Services:
Bend Home Services is a service of Dye Marketing Group. The company is an alliance of providers of home services in the Bend / Redmond / Central Oregon area. Bend Home Services only allows recommended, blue-ribbon providers to be a part of the alliance.

Providers of homeowner services who would like to join the alliance, are invited to contact Bend Home Services. Homeowners who need service or work done at their home, may review the list of providers, sorted by category, listed on the company’s home page at

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