Tucson’s Brilliance Project Event Teaches Kids How To Eat Healthy At Richardson Elementary School

Healthy kids make better choices, ultimately improving society. But who’s actually making this happen? Tucson’s Richardson Elementary and The Brilliance Project are, with an interactive experience celebrating health and wellness through music.

Tucson, AZ – September 12th, 2011 (via PressReleaseNation.com) — Richardson Elementary School in Tucson is hosting members of the Brilliance Project, Scott “Fireman” Robb and Eric Thompson, for a revolutionary type of assembly that will have the kids thinking critically about what they put in their bodies, and how that can influence their creative expression – and ultimately their role in their community.

“There is something unique that is inside of us and is worth developing,” says Eric Thompson, founder of Global Ascension Productions – the Tucson-based speaker development and publishing company that is behind the Brilliance Project ( http://www.BrillianceProject.org ). “The healthier our kids are, the better decisions they tend to make, improving their chances in unleashing their brilliance – allowing them to be better educated and live deeper, richer lives.”

“The Brilliance Project is a powerful way for our students to discover, develop and deliver their virtues to our community,” noted Kathy Van Loan, Vice Principal of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School in Tucson.

The particular program they will be conducting at Richardson Elementary School on Friday, September 16th, 2011 at 9:00 AM, has proven to have a positive impact because of Scott “Fireman” Robb and his creative integration of music into the presentation. Fireman Robb uses his ADDY award-winning skills and talents to inspire kids to live safe and healthy lives, engaging them with his newly-released song “Gotta Eat Healthy”.

This catchy new song can be heard on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T602kl-eFT4

Kids love this music and get very involved when Scott performs it. The kids whistle and do a great job of getting engaged in the presence of their peers, most of whom have never done anything like this before. They get the message and they have fun! 

“We have had amazing feedback from our clients,” says Eric Thompson of The Brilliance Project. “I was on campus the other day at one of the schools we have worked with, and some kids saw me and started whistling the chorus of Fireman Robb’s rendition of a popular song, It’s A Good Life, by One Republic. Principals are now calling us and wanting to be one of our collaborative schools, as opposed to us knocking on doors.”

Evaluating and training high performers has made Eric Thompson an expert at nurturing the skills for high achievement. After a decade of real life professional development, he’s developed a plan that helps people to synergize their multiple awarenesses, allowing them to discover and fully utilize the hidden strengths that so many people never use – their Brilliance. They help develop the dormant talents that many young people fail to discover until much later in their lives, if at all.

About The Brilliance Project:
Eric and his team, including Scott “Fireman” Robb, host a conversation on real-life obstacles and the tactics they have developed to succeed, in a competitive daily environment. Their enthusiastic personalities, candid and charismatic style will keep attendees engaged and help them unlock the path to Brilliant Living.

The Brilliance Project can be contacted at 520-837-9837 or via their web site at http://www.BrillianceProject.org

Book the Brilliance Project by e-mailing Eric at: Eric@BrillianceProject.org

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