MTV VH1 Classic Music Video Supporting Artist Michael Sciuto Re-Releases ’80s Music Album

Most people who lived through the 1980s still reminisce about the stars that glittered on the music scene during that decade. While many artists have faded from memory, the genre they left behind is still hugely popular today. ’80s music has a perfect blend of anti-establishment rebelliousness woven in with pulsing good time grooves, catchy hooks and clever lyrics.

Bands like INXS, Duran Duran, Flock of Seagulls and Robert Palmer dominated the charts in the ’80s, and their sound and style is very much alive today in the hearts of the Generation X and Baby Boomer populations.

Michael Sciuto is one of those ’80s artists who has remained active into the 21st century. Having been featured in an ’80s MTV music video with Dennis DeYoung, lead singer of Styx, Sciuto also toured with John Stamos of ABC’s Full House in the band Jessie and the Rippers, as well as a brief stint appearing on ABC’s Full House TV show. He was endorsed by Marshall Amps and Ibanez Guitars, and he created some designs for those companies back in the ’80s. As a studio bass player, Michael has appeared in many sessions on the LA studio scene, performing on tracks for a variety of artists.

Sciuto recently re-released his ’80s music album “Edge” after overwhelming requests from fans of the ’80s music genre. Also being released this year are two remastered Michael Sciuto music videos that have not been previously published.

Of course, Sciuto’s best-known video appearance was in the short, iconic video from the classic days of MTV, where he is seen playing bass with the lead singer from Styx, Dennis DeYoung, in his solo effort, “Don’t Wait For Heroes.” This Dennis DeYoung video can still be found occasionally on VH1 Classics, or it can be viewed on You Tube at

Sciuto was originally signed by music mogul and manager Monty Lipman, of Universal Music, who went on to sign artists such as Taylor Swift and Amy Winehouse. Later, Sciuto also worked with Steve Longo Management, who was with Westwood One Radio at the time.

“Most baby boomers are now easing into their golden years,” said Sciuto, “but ’80s music reminds them of what life was like for them almost thirty years ago, giving them a fresh glimpse back into their past.” The “Edge” album was actually released in 1988, but became popular in Europe in 1999, showing how timeless Sciuto’s music can be. Shortly thereafter, Sciuto got busy raising a family, and dropped out of the music scene for a while, never actively promoting “Edge” in the United States. The album’s title song, originally called “Living On the Edge”, was written years before the release of Aerosmith’s 1993 tune, “Living on The Edge”, prompting Michael to shorten his title track to simply “Edge”. “Now, years later, it is great fun to hear from fans who reconnect with my songs,” says Sciuto.

Today, Michael Sciuto works behind the scenes in many online endeavors and has now brought “Edge” back off the shelves for re-release here in the states, as well as the worldwide stage, for ’80s music lovers everywhere.

His classic ’80s album “Edge” is now available at:

About Michael Sciuto:
Studio musician and songwriter Michael Sciuto has been involved in the music industry and LA music scene for many years. Having toured and recorded with his brother Tony Sciuto, Michael won the Marshall Amplifiers Marshall Stun Solo contest in 1986. His work is now enjoying a resurgence as interest in ’80s music is being renewed.

To hear clips from or order his re-released hit album, “Edge”, visit

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