Fortune Cookies Dress Up for Halloween – FancyFortuneCookies Adds Flavor and Fun to Chinese Fortune Cookie

Halloween and fortune cookies don’t sound like they go together well. But FancyFortuneCookies uses innovative recipes and funny fortunes to add a bit of the spooky and kooky into fortune cookies.

Indianapolis, IN (PressReleasePivot) October 18, 2009 – Halloween treats take a creative new twist this season. FancyFortuneCookies, America’s only gourmet fortune cookie bakery, brings innovation to traditional fortune cookies. You know that little cookie full of ancient wisdom you crack open and read at the end of your Chinese dinner? Now fortune cookies are all dressed up for the season in exciting orange and black.

“Fortune cookies have always tasted horrible to me, which is why I started FancyFortuneCookies,” says Mike Fry, CEO, inventor and maker of America’s only bakery of flavored gourmet fortune cookies. “By adding flavors and fun colors to the traditional Chinese fortune cookies, people can now get custom fortune cookies in their corporate colors or event colors ( ).”

Halloween candies and treats have long been a tradition since Celts began collecting food items from door to door in 800 BC as offerings to their gods. It has become popular with children and families around the world as a time to dress in costume and collect candies and treats from neighbors. The Halloween candy market includes everything from traditional candies like candy corn to Snickers and Sweet Tarts. And now it includes Fortune Cookies.

FancyFortuneCookies has been making gourmet fortune cookies for over 20 years. Since Halloween treats need to be individually wrapped, families now have the opportunity of adding something new to their candy repertoire. The orange and black flavored fortune cookies come with silly, G-rated kids jokes like, “Where do Sergeants keep their armies?” “In their sleevies!”

If kids jokes aren’t the option for you, you can create personalized fortune cookies for your Halloween party or event.

“FancyFortuneCookies has been doing chocolate dipped fortune cookies in the black raspberry flavor for us for years,” says Elissa Raphel, Director of Merchandise Coordinators for Calvin Klein Footwear. “We use Fancy’s personalized fortune cookies for corporate events and for our sales reps. We love them!”

For Halloween there are three new cookies from FancyFortuneCookies:

• Outrageous Orange Fortune Cookies are dressed as bright festive pumpkins and have a flavor reminiscent of Fruit Loops ( )
• Blushing Black Raspberry Fortune Cookies come dressed in spooky black but taste just as sweet as fruit off the vine ( )
• Chocolate covered fortune cookies can be either of the Halloween flavors or the traditional vanilla cookies. They can be dressed up with festive candy sprinkles.

“Creating fortune cookies that taste great and people will actually want to eat is what I have been doing for year.” says Fry. “Adding flavors and colors to traditional fortune cookies, as well as letting people customize their messages, creates a unique favor for parties and events everywhere.”

FancyFortuneCookies innovative personalized fortune cookies and giant fortune cookies can be found through dealers and distributors worldwide, and by visiting their websites ( ) and ( ).
Check out Fancy Fortune Cookies for your next big event. The number of choices are guaranteed to allow you to find exactly the right fortune cookies to fit the theme of your event or party. Go to or and order your cookies today. For more information and to try a sample box, contact: Erin Jump at Fancy Fortune Cookies, 6247 Coffman Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268. Visit them online at: or call them at: 888-776-6611

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