Future Electronics Launches Panasonic EP Series Relays for Solar Inverter Market

Global electronics components distributor Future Electronics announces the launch of Panasonic’s innovative EP Series of power relays designed for the Solar Inverter market.

Pointe Claire, Quebec – July 25, 2011 (via PressReleaseNation.com) — Future Electronics is pleased to announce the in stock availability of Panasonic’s new EP Relay Series.

“The EP range of power relays will be of particular interest to engineers working on Inverter Applications, especially in the Solar market. Regulations demand that the DC side of solar installations be able to be cut off to prevent personal injuries or damage to equipment. The EP series of Power Relays does that and more with the additional benefit of providing engineers with the ability to control this function remotely, which is an obviously plus considering the typical location of solar panels and farms,” explains Ryan Petsche, Product Marketing Manager for Future Electronics.

The EP relay is based on the EV relay, which was developed for hybrid cars. Panasonics relay experts have managed to enclose the switching chamber using a ceramic capsule which retains gases created by the switching load (hydrogen) and in turn, use that gases cooling properties to rapidly extinguish arcing, making the EP relay and exceedingly safe power relay.

Panasonic didn’t stop there says Petsche, “the EP relays contains two ‘blow out’ magnets which direct the electrical arc typically associated with switching high DC loads away from the relay contacts thereby significantly reducing any life shortening damage to the relay.”

As a direct result of these innovations Panasonic Engineers were able to reduce the contact gap of the EP relay which in turn meant they were able to reduce the overall relay size which only adds to the appeal of migrating to the EP power relay solution.

“The EP is now available from stock in small to large quantities and joins what we at Future Electronics believe to be one of the most comprehensive ranges of power relays, automotive relays, solid state relays (SSR) and signal relays in the industry,” says Marc Garceau, Panasonic Product Champion for Future Electronics.

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