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Associative Thinking – a key brainstorming tool for many years. Now, software speeds the process of idea generation for creative professionals – alone or as part of a group. ThoughtOffice innovation software directly accesses key Internet-based resources, while helping creative partners connect and collaborate.

Blaine, WA – July 20, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Associative Thinking has been a key brainstorming tool for creative professionals for many years. Now, software makes it possible for creative professionals, consultants, and business innovators to quickly generate powerful new ideas – alone or as part of a group. ThoughtOffice innovation software directly accesses key Internet-based resources, while helping creative partners connect with one another.

“‘Brainstorming times the power of X’ is one way to describe the productivity enhancements made possible with ThoughtOffice,” says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO of ThoughtOffice Corporation, developers of ThoughtOffice brainstorming software. “Associative thinking often relies on the heavy-lifting process of digging deeply into the mind. With ThoughtOffice’s connection to the Internet, (through its integrated IdeaBrowser) users can begin to explore with just a word, and associations and images flow naturally into place. The ability to innovate depends on fresh ideas and new thinking. This is what moves projects from R&D to the mainstream. And the resulting ideas are clearly presented with text and images that cut through the noise.”

Brainstorming sessions can take time to set up and may lack focus if the group chemistry isn’t right. With ThoughtOffice creativity software, creative professionals can work alone or in groups that may include people all over the planet – from New Delhi to New York City, from Anchorage to Adelaide. In today’s highly competitive business environment, having this kind of edge can make all the difference between failure and success. Survival in business very often depends on having great ideas and acting quickly on them. Creativity experts have acknowledged that, to stay on the leading edge of creative thinking in the World of Web 2.0, creatives need to find and employ the most flexible and appropriate strategies.

ThoughtOffice was designed to make brainstorming tools widely available, using the web as a conduit for knowledge management and enhancement. ThoughtOffice Innovation Software speeds the brainstorming process, allowing creatives to explore and share ideas with less effort. ThoughtOffice also makes it easy to hand off the ideas: the entire creative process is presented in a series of easy-to-follow steps, in a single file that can be easily shared with other users ( ).

“Here’s an opportunity, at a very low cost, for every writer or creative professional to gain a real edge,” notes Martin Grossman, award-winning writer and ThoughtOffice user. “Later this year, with the release of ThoughtOffice Version 2.0, they plan to improve the technology behind the IdeaBrowser once again. I believe this program will continue to help creatives worldwide bring their ideas to life faster than ever.”

ThoughtOffice brainstorming software ( ) brings the creative process fully into the information age. The program asks users more than 13,000 questions, organized as 16 different topics, accelerating brainstorming when used by individuals or groups, and in any setting. ThoughtOffice provides the critical elements used by expert thinkers to find effective solutions – questions, answers, phrases, links, images – all available via the power of Web 2.0 and the unlimited, real-time database updates via the Internet.

ThoughtOffice’s IdeaBrowser associative thinking engine provides over 9.3 million creative triggers ( ), keyword-tagged, stimulating the creative process and driving innovation forward. The software also compliments many other creativity and brainstorming programs, especially mind-mapping tools. More than 350 of the Fortune 500 companies use ThoughtOffice, as do over 10,000 design firms, ad agencies, writers, software developers, and educational institutions.

“We’ve been teaching brainstorming, problem solving, and creativity since 1983, starting with flashcards and later accelerating the process with the classic IdeaFisher program,” says David Lockman, ThoughtOffice Product Specialist. “We have seen our clients, from startups and sole practitioners to the Fortune 500, get results immediately from ThoughtOffice’s associative thinking engine, combined with the visual outlining and presentation process. With version 2.0 soon to be released, we believe we have a great partner for creative professionals.”

About ThoughtOffice: ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Washington State company developing innovation and creativity solutions for 21st Century firms. The company is founded by one-time Inc. 500 company executive and serial entrepreneur, Mark Alan Effinger. The goal of the management team, staff, and advisors is to help companies innovate faster, better and with real purpose. Call 360-450-6888, visit for more information, or e-mail with any questions or comments.

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