Corporate Leaders Capture Lightning in a Bottle With Change Expert and Speaker Connie Podesta

Challenging times have corporate leaders turning to high-energy, high-results strategies from Connie Podesta for high-octane competitive edge change.

Dallas, TX – July 19, 2011 (via — Award winning author and Keynote Speaker Connie Podesta turns up the energy levels to teach corporate team members how to compete, communicate and connect to increase market share, customer loyalty and career longevity.

“Competitive edge is never just about the market,” says author, keynote speaker and change expert Connie Podesta, “It’s ensuring your team has the most effective mindset, strategies, tools and tenacity to successfully STAND OUT when others simply do the expected.”

Connie Podesta ( ) doesn’t believe in mediocrity. That’s what makes her the kind of keynote speaker that corporations are compelled to hire when challenging markets, apathetic attitudes or the crush of negative influences cause team members to question their ability to succeed. Podesta’s presentations showcase the STAND OUT STRATEGIES necessary to win when others are quitting, to gain ground where others fail and to raise the integrity level where others take short cuts. She doesn’t mince words and she doesn’t pacify nay-sayers. Instead, with over-the-top humor and time-proven how-to’s, she boldly shares the straight-line, must-have mindsets and skills that salespeople, entrepreneurs and corporate team members need to take their organizations to the next level, regardless of economic conditions.

“You are the first speaker we had ever invited back (by popular request of employees and managers) for a repeat performance. To have our employees request you for a third time is a true testament to your ability to educate, entertain and motivate employees at all levels, in a memorable way,” says David A. Berger of Corporate Training and Development at Pennsylvania Blue Shield.

To succeed in sales today, it’s imperative to:

* Bypass old mindsets and expand thinking
* Courageously face fears and deliver more than expected
* Engage and communicate more than ever before
* Bring value to everything team players do

Connie Podesta’s Stand Out Strategies ( ) are changing the way corporations communicate – within leadership, with their team members and with their customers. Leaders are re-assessing what it takes – not just to increase productivity and profitability – but create long-lasting, cohesive teams that bring competitive edge results to the market place.

“High performers know that the EASY way isn’t always the RIGHT way,” explains Connie.  “It’s exciting to see those leaders and team members who adopt smart strategies and solutions realize that the success they sought wasn’t in the short cut – but the long-term, big picture action plans. Business as usual is over – make way for the change!”

10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd ( ) is Podesta’s award-winning Best Business Book of 2011 which has captivated corporate leaders, with its insightful ideas and results-producing strategies for building stronger customer relationships, invoking productivity boosting activity and changing the way team members think about their roles in a company’s success or failure.

About Connie Podesta:
Connie Podesta ( ) is a powerhouse of a keynote speaker and award winning author. Her quick wit and comedic timing, coupled with the kind of career-changing how-to’s that make even those leaders on the highest rungs of the ladder sit up and take notice, has earned her a worldwide following of fans. Podesta teaches organizations how to build a better business model, raise the bar for team members, and succeed where others accept mediocrity.

For more information on Connie Podesta’s schedule and availability or to learn more about her award winning book 10 Ways to Stand Out from the Crowd and the keynote topics that spring from it, contact her team today at 972-596-5501, via email at or visit her website online at

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