Celebrity Friends Receive Fancy Fortune Cookies from Jennifer Love Hewitt for Christmas

FancyFortuneCookies.com were quite a hit with Jennifer Love Hewitt. So much so, she decided this was a unique idea for sending to her celebrity friends as Christmas gifts with a personal message for the holiday season.

Indianapolis, Indiana (PressReleasePivot) October 10, 2009 — Fancy Fortune Cookies have become a favorite of celebrities. They are using them as ‘out of the ordinary’ gifts for Christmas, party invitations and premiere showings. Jennifer Love Hewitt was so taken with the Cool Cappuccino fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune Cookies, she decided to send them as gifts.

“We were flabbergasted!” exclaimed Mike Fry, owner of Fancy Fortune Cookies. “After doing a small order for Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jackie Chan’s movie The Tuxedo ( http://www.fancyfortunecookies.com/celebrities.shtml ), we got another call.”

Fry said the order was for celebrity friends on Jennifer’s Christmas list. They were going to receive two Cool Cappuccino fortune cookies, chocolate dipped and packed in a Chinese carryout container. Personalized with her message for the holidays, the fortune cookies had the following two ’fortunes’:

– Happy Holidays. May it be filled with fun! Pat and Jennifer Love Hewitt
– Wishing you a season filled with joy and good fortune! Pat and Jennifer Love Hewitt

“Everyone here at Fancy Fortune Cookies was so excited we could hardly believe who was on her list,” added Fry. “Are you ready? We sent these to: Dustin Hoffman, Drew Barrymore, Jay Leno, David Crosby, Conan O’Brian, Alec Baldwin, Adam Sandler, David Spade, Cameron Crowe, Miramax Films and best of all (we thought) Steven Spielberg.”

About Fancy Fortune Cookies & Their Celebrity Orders

Founder of Fancy Fortune Cookies, Mike Fry was eating in a local Chinese restaurant that he frequented quite often in the town of Fort Wayne, Indiana ( http://www.fancyfortunecookies.com/aboutus.shtml ). While enjoying the cuisine, he wondered why no one made fortune cookies similar to what Jelly Bean had done with their gourmet jelly beans. Fortune cookies were the only cookies in the world that were all one flavor. This thought led to Fancy Fortune Cookies.

Fancy Fortune Cookies went from what friends and family thought was a silly idea to the success it enjoys today. Serving the public as well as celebrities such as Jennifer Love Hewitt, who had her own idea about using the cookies as gifts, the company has been in business for over 20 years. The cookies are made fresh at the bakery, which is on-site and are shipped the same day they are made.

Celebrities and the public alike are enjoying the fortune cookie in a variety of flavors and colors. Comments from satisfied customers such as this one, “Excellent service, Excellent product, Excellent communications and you kept all your promises. Our promotion worked SUPER! Thank you, Fancy Fortune Cookies!” are a constant reminder of how much people enjoy Fancy Fortune Cookies.

Fancy Fortune Cookies has done fortune cookies for the following celebrities:

* Donald Trump
* Oprah Winfrey
* Magic Johnson
* Joan Rivers
* Ozzy Osbourne
* Martha Stewart
* Seinfeld
* Ally McBeal

They value their customers – celebrities and the ordinary consumer – who buy the Fancy Fortune Cookies. In their book, everyone deserves celebrity treatment. From the simple wonderings of one person to the success enjoyed today, Fancy Fortune Cookies are a hit. They are the ‘World’s Original Fortune Cookie Flavor Inventors’.
“Since 1988, I’ve offered a 100% guarantee on all my fortune cookies,” Fry stands behind his product ( http://www.fancyfortunecookies.com/guarantee.shtml ).

Sample Box of Cookies
Check out Fancy Fortune Cookies for your next big event. The number of choices are guaranteed to allow you to find exactly the right fortune cookie to fit the theme of your party or event. Go to www.giant-fortune-cookies.com or www.fancyfortunecookies.com and order your cookies today. For more information and to try a sample box, contact: Fancy Fortune Cookies at 6249 Coffman Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268. Visit them online at: www.FancyFortuneCookies.com or call them at: (888) 776-6611.

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