NBA Star Magic Johnson Uses Fancy Fortune Cookies as Icebreakers!

NBA Star Is Just One Of The Many Celebrity Clients Of Indianapolis Fortune Cookie Maker Fancy Fortune Cookies. Fancy Fortune Cookies has been providing their clients with the freshest, best tasting personalized fortune cookies and giant fortune cookies for over 20 years.

Indianapolis, Indiana (PressReleasePivot) October 10, 2009 — The family owned Indianapolis based fortune cookie manufacturer Fancy Fortune Cookies has received a lot of attention for its line of fortune cookies available in a variety of flavors including raspberry, chocolate and cappuccino as well as its giant fortune cookies weighing in at over one pound. Since the 1980s, Fancy Fortune Cookies has been providing customers with its gourmet fortune cookies and customized fortune cookie messages, acquiring some celebrity fans along the way ( ).

One of these famous fortune cookie enthusiasts is former NBA star Magic Johnson, who has served Fancy Fortune Cookies at events as a fun icebreaker for guests. Johnson, like other celebrity clients including Oprah Winfrey (who has featured the company’s products on her program a few times), Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne and Alec Baldwin has raved about the quality, flavor and of course, the fun of these custom fortune cookies.

“Everyone knows that the fortune cookie is the best part of getting Chinese takeout and they’re always a hit at parties, business meetings and really, anywhere else,” Fancy Fortune Cookies’ owner Mike Fry explained, noting that fortune cookies are something with a universal appeal. “After all, who doesn’t love a fortune cookie, especially one in exciting flavors and with custom messages?”

Custom messages are just part of the fun with Fancy Fortune Cookies’ products, of course. For people who’ve only seen the conventional fortune cookies at their local Chinese restaurant before, a fortune cookie with real raspberry or chocolate flavor is something of a revelation. Of course, the personalized messages certainly don’t hurt; these cookies are very popular for birthday and holiday parties, business meetings and as promotional items. After all, everyone’s more receptive to a message that comes inside of a cookie.

“Magic Johnson called us because he wanted to serve something at his party which wasn’t just a snack for guests, but something that would get people talking and break the ice in a fun, unexpected way.( ) Just like every customer we do business with, we were glad to work with Magic and made sure that he got the very best quality fortune cookies for his party with the messages he specified.”

The company does a brisk business providing movie stars and other celebrities with custom fortune cookies, Fry disclosed. They take pride in every job Fancy Fortune Cookies is called on to do.

“Sure, it’s wonderful to be asked to make fortune cookies for Magic Johnson or Oprah Winfrey, but we believe in giving all of our customers the red carpet treatment. We want to provide every one of our customers with the highest quality, most unique fortune cookies available anywhere.”

Certainly, Fancy Fortune Cookies fortune cookies with custom messages, flavored fortune cookies, fortune cookies with sprinkles and other decorations and giant fortune cookies have all become hits. With the level of media exposure the company has received, it’s certain that Fancy Fortune Cookies is well on its way to becoming a household name.

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Check out Fancy Fortune Cookies for your next big event. The variety of choices are guaranteed to allow you to find exactly the right fortune cookie to fit the theme of your party or event. Go to or and order your cookies today. For more information and to try a sample box, contact: Fancy Fortune Cookies at 6249 Coffman Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46268. Visit them online at: or call them at: (888) 776-6611.

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