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New Educational Site Empowers Lawyers and Plaintiffs by covering all things related to settlement planning.

Valencia, California (PressReleasePivot) October 10, 2009 — In 1999, Bill Tilley launched the legal finance industry in California, helping lawyers and firms get their finances on track with Themis Capital. Since then, he’s been instrumental in building that industry as the largest provider of legal financial services. His financial expertise in the area of law grew to include guiding plaintiffs through the settlement process with comprehensive settlement planning. This devotion to creating a full service financial company for the legal community led to Amicus Capital Services, LLC.

Now, Bill Tilley and Amicus Capital Services are taking that extra step, launching an educational site on innovative settlement planning. Amicus Capital Services’ Settlement Planning Blog provides attorneys and plaintiffs with in depth information on legal finance, settlement planning, structured attorney’s fees and structured settlements, among other topics.

“The path to a settlement or verdict can be a very difficult process, but achieving the resolution is just the beginning,” says Mr. Tilley. “There are many settlement planning issues to consider to maximize the recovery. Generally speaking Medicaid, Medicare and ERISA liens should be negotiated; often trusts have to be created. Investment decisions have to be made.

“Too many lawyers and plaintiffs are unprepared for what happens after the settlement or favorable judgment is achieved. The Settlement Planning Blog is setup to empower plaintiffs and attorneys with necessary knowledge and innovative settlement planning.”

What are the plaintiff’s fiscal options to create a secure future with their settlement? The site answers this question with a break down of those options. What is the attorney’s responsibility towards the plaintiff in settlement planning? This question is asked and answered as well, pointing toward pertinent areas of law.

In addition, the Settlement Planning Blog provides the resources necessary to further investigate the various issues of settlement planning. These resources include a list of insurance companies that offer structured settlements, and links to settlement resources such as the Academy of Special Needs Planners and the Society of Settlement Planners, among others. Government resources are covered as well, adding information such as disability benefits, SSI death benefits and retirement benefits.

“We’re not lawyers,” Mr. Tilley states. “We’re the pioneers – financial experts that specialize in settlement planning and helping law firms move up to the next level. Through the Settlement Planning Blog we share with our readers the knowledge gained from over ten years’ experience in the industry.”

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