Change Management New Key to Successful Sales Training – Connie Podesta Brings Change Management Solutions

Competitive companies seeking an immediate edge in today’s market realize that helping team members successfully manage change equals real-results productivity boosts. That’s why they’re hiring keynote speaker change expert Connie Podesta to teach innovative strategies and real-world solutions from her award winning book, “10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd”..

Dallas, TX – July 1, 2011 (via — “Our world is changing at the click of a mouse,” shares keynote speaker Connie Podesta. “If organizations wish to out-think, out-perform, out-produce their competition – helping their entire team embrace and leverage change is a must.”

Connie Podesta ( ) leaves nothing to chance in terms of motivating, inspiring and – more importantly – giving audiences the kind of life-changing strategies they need to thrive and compete in today’s market. From communication tools, to relationship builders, to how to find balance and how to skyrocket productivity – Connie’s clear, connected and speaks to every different type of audience member. She’s also very FUNNY! Which makes ordinary events extraordinary and memorable.

“In all of my travels, regardless of the subject, speaker or setting, I have never seen an audience so captivated by a speaker. I suspect that many of your clients utilize only your speaking skills, but in so doing, they are missing your incredible creative insights into how to conduct a ‘business retreat’,” says D. Keith Oden, President of the Camden Property Trust.

Connie’s STAND OUT STRATEGIES ( ) and award-winning new book are quickly becoming the building blocks for insightful companies eager to make the most of every economic shift and market change for themselves and their employees.

Podesta shares strategies for managing change in her YouTube video, Re-Commit To Change at

“It’s incredible to see the change that takes place when an organization adopts innovative mindsets, values their employees as well as their customers, and embraces all means of communication – no matter how challenging,” said Podesta. “It is these companies that will thrive despite economic turns, or new competition on the block and build long-term sustainability and strong financial foundations.”

Podesta asks, “Does your team…”

* Work together cohesively?
* Effectively streamline and support communication between leadership and employees?
* Ensure that EVERYONE in the organization is in tune with the customer experience and how to improve it?
* Think and act together and as individuals in winning and strategic ways?

10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd ( ) is a powerful, award-winning business book and strategic guide to successfully leveraging change as an organization and as an individual.

About Connie Podesta:
Connie Podesta’s reputation as a powerful, insightful and results producing speaker spans the globe. ( ) What event organizers and company leaders like most is her ability to make people laugh, make people think and affect real, long-term positive change for people personal and professional levels. Connie bridges the gap for audience members – helping them realize how even the slightest shift in mindset and activity can create enormous life-long benefits.

Teamwork, increased sales production, customer relationship building, leadership skills and communication are just some of the touch points that make Connie’s seminars and books so rewarding.

For more information on Connie Podesta’s schedule and availability or to learn more about her award winning book 10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd and the keynote topics that spring from it, contact her team today at 972-596-5501, via email at or visit her website online at

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