How Are You Feeling? This Website Wants to Know…, the new kid on the block! A microblogging service powered by Zallas (a Chicago-based software development company) that lets its users record, track and share their feelings with the rest of the world.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) July 23, 2009 — How are you feeling? This website wants to know…. Do you ever wonder what makes you feel happy? Or unhappy? Well, there’s a new kid on the block of social networking web sites that offers a new perspective on human emotions., a microblogging service powered by Zallas (a Chicago-based software development company), lets its users record, track and share their feelings with the rest of the world. It allows them to log their emotions using a sliding scale of 1 to 10. Members can simply match their mood to an emotion icon that changes expressions as you slide the cursor. The service also gives users the option to write short descriptions of what caused them to feel a certain way. Additionally, right after saving an emotion, users can view other people around the globe who feel exactly like them.

Feeling “elevated because of pregnancy”? Well, with a click of a button, the site shows its other soon-to-be moms, they could socialize with… Members can also create groups to invite their friends to, and “feel” them, much like on Twitter. The power of this service, however, is not just rating daily emotions, but also defining what makes a user feel a certain way – weather, work, boss, or they could even take it a step further and rate their relationships with friends, colleagues or companies. This makes emotionr not only an instant feedback tool for businesses, but also the world’s first emotion-based rating service. In a matter of a second, a user can look up how a certain brand or product makes people feel and therefore make more confident purchasing decisions.

Since emotionr can be shared with family and friends it’s also a great way to keep in touch on the very basic level of their emotions. When it’s difficult to feel connected to loved ones, emotionr can clue in on what’s going on inside their lives. It allows its members to “feel” people they care about the most. Today, emotionr already fully integrates with social networking sites like Facebook, Digg and MySpace, with further expansions through Twitter and Skype planned in the near future.

Zallas Technologies is also looking into applying various features to create the world’s first customer-centric live feedback tool of its kind. Companies who signed up for an emotionr account would then be able to get up-to-the-minute feedback from their customers and react quicker to dissatisfactions or problems with their business.

Taras Vovk, President and CEO of Zallas Technologies points out that the ultimate goal of emotionr is to study human emotions and continue the research on the science of happiness, he’s been so passionate about. “For now,” he adds, “Register for free and let the whole World know how you feel, on emotionr.”

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