Connie Podesta Unveils First of 10 Ways to Out-Think and Out-Perform the Competition: Re-Commit to Change

Change can be downright scary – depending on how we look at it. But in her award-winning book, “10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd,” author Connie Podesta shows us that dealing with change is in our DNA. That we’re three steps away – accepting, initiating, and integrating – from change that out-performs the competition.

Dallas, TX – June 21, 2011 (via — Award-winning author Connie Podesta knows a thing or 10 about standing out from the crowd. But 10 things can be overwhelming to someone who wants improvement now. That’s exactly why Podesta kicks off her new book, 10 Ways to Stand out From the Crowd, with Re-Committing to Change. Because a mindset can be changed in the time it takes to read this paragraph.

“Do you want to be safe and predictable or amazing and adventuresome? Entrenched in ‘The way it used to be’ or free to explore what’s possible?'” asks Podesta, whose STAND OUT STRATEGIES are listed at . “Change is not waiting for you. It’s right here, right now, smack-dab in the middle of your life.”

And it all starts with:

* Accepting
* Initiating and
* Integrating

ACCEPTING: The best place to start out-thinking and out-performing the competition starts in the mind. “Be mentally and physically prepared to compete and win in an environment where even instant gratification takes too long,” says Podesta, who shares strategies for improving business and personal relationships in her YouTube video, Re-Commit To Change at . Meet the challenges of a world that demands more and pushes back harder than ever before.

INITIATING: Once the mindset is set, don’t resist changes that could be good in the long run simply because they are inconvenient and uncomfortable at the moment, says Podesta ( ). Instead look at new ideas. Get excited about fresh opportunities for growth. And in the name of Nike, “just do it.”

INTEGRATING: This is about making the change or changes a part of everyday life. There’s a reason why we tilt our heads when we see people twice our age literally own us on iPad proficiency. It’s because they’ve embraced changed and made it a part of their life – and we have not.

“The reality is this: to survive in business today you must have a plan for success, and it must be different from any plan you’ve ever had before,” says Podesta in her award-winning new book, 10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd. “In a world where change happens at the click of a mouse, you can’t keep doing what you’ve been doing and expect outstanding results. You need to embrace change to stand out from the crowd.”

About Connie Podesta:
Connie Podesta ( ) brings new meaning to the term “powerhouse”. With quick wit and extraordinary insight, she makes people both laugh and think. She compels both audience members and readers alike to create action plans that build strong foundations and even stronger futures. She cuts to the basics, giving people reliable, repeatable success strategies that make change feel more like opportunity than obstacle. Podesta is an important, game-changing addition to any corporate event.

For more information on Connie Podesta’s schedule and availability or to learn more about her award winning book 10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd and the keynote topics that spring from it, contact her team today at 972-596-5501, via email at or visit her website online at

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