How Parents Can Keep Their Children in School and Out of Trouble–New Memoir by Douglas Wallace, Everything Will Be All Right, to be Released October 1, 2009 by Greenleaf Book Group, Offers Powerful Lessons for Parents

Douglas Wallace, an attorney, a successful entrepreneur, and author of the new book, Everything Will Be All Right, is launching his memoir on October 1, 2009. His story is about a child determined to free himself from the cycle of poverty that had strangled his family for generations. Wallace did escape the cycle of poverty and built a fifty million dollar company, which he sold in 1999. He wrote his personal story an an inspiration to parents. He is also hopeful that his story will inspire teens who, like the author,were born into impoverished families.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) July 23, 2009 — Douglas Wallace, author of the upcoming book Everything Will Be All Right, knows what it’s like to be a troubled youth. During his childhood and adolescent years Wallace was continuously assaulted by violence, drug addicts, and criminals. Living in the housing projects of east Nashville, he was exposed to violence 24/7. He dropped out of high school during his senior year. Says Wallace, “Random acts of violence and ignorance helped to shape me into the man I am today.” Wallace was determined to free himself from the cycle of poverty that had strangled his family for generations. As soon as he was old enough to articulate it, he made a pledge, to God and his future family, that he would become a successful attorney, and that his children would never experience the deprivation and limitations of abject poverty.

Wallace made good on that promise when he became an attorney at the age of 26, and went on to become the only member of his family to escape the stranglehold of poverty. Today, each one of Wallace’s three children have post graduate degrees–a lawyer, a veterinarian, and one applying for medical school. Wallace adds, “Success for a child begins with parenting skills.”

Wallace’s book tells the story of his troubled childhood in a dysfunctional, impoverished family, and how the lessons of that experience enabled him to build a company, which he sold in 1999 for stock valued at over fifty million dollars. Says Wallace, “The foundation for the successful outcome of a child, and in particular an impoverished child, is inextricably linked to the character traits of the parents.” When I decided to write my memoir, many of my business friends wanted me to write about my company, Wallace & deMayo, P.c. But I wanted to write about something that was closer to my heart–impoverished children. To accomplish that, I knew exactly where to start–my childhood years. That was the time in my life when I was most vulnerable. Anything could have happened during those tumultuous years to cause me to lose a stake in the future–remaining a high school dropout, going to prison, or worse, getting killed by an act of violence.

Everything Will Be All Right is the raw testimony of a child who overcomes one unimaginable setback after another. Wallace wanted to share his remarkable story to encourage parents to never give up–to keep trying. Wallace believes his book will change lives. Says Wallace, “When you read my book, you will come upon times when it appears that all is lost–that there is no reason for hope. My story is proof that society should never give up on our youth. Our children are our future.”

Aptly titled, “Everything Will Be All Right”, this 256-page, hardcover book by Greenleaf Book Group is an unforgettable rags to riches portrait of a child who starts out with nothing and claws his way to the top. Wallace takes away the complexities, mysticism and confusion of achieving the American Dream. His heartbreaking testimony of life on the fringes of society offers lessons for today’s youth on how to stay in school and out of trouble. Its message offers parents easy lessons for keeping children focused and getting their lives back on track. Adds Wallace, “Only a few hundred advance reading copies have been released to the press, and no books have yet been released to the general public, but I’m already receiving positive feedback from parents, particularly mothers, and also grandparents.”

The release of the book on October 1, 2009 comes at an opportune time. The economy today is the worst we’ve seen in the past eighty years. Wallace’s story of survival during the hard times delivers hope and inspiration, as well as a road map for creating opportunity in the wake of setbacks. Says Wallace, “One of the important lessons I learned while working my way out of poverty was that optimism will trump unimaginable hardships. Perseverance is a virtue.”

Wallace works full time for charitable causes that benefit children born into impoverished families. His blog Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders, as well as ebook retailers such as Kindle and Sony Reader.

About the author: Douglas Wallace is an attorney, a successful entrepreneur and a published author. His book, “Everything Will Be All Right,” is a memoir, published by Greenleaf Book Group, scheduled for nationwide launch on October 1, 2009. Members of the media can find additional information at Doug Wallace’s blog at on the Media Page.

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