Las Vegas Personal Injury Attorneys, Cap & Kudler, have settled a dog bite case.

Donald C. Kudler, Esq., of Cap and Kudler has recently settled a dog bite case on behalf of a client. The client was attending a party at a co-worker’s house. The client was bitten by a neighbor’s Shepherd/Chow mix when she went outside. It was later learned that the neighbor knew the dog should not have been allowed to wander loose by itself. The Defendant’s Insurance company paid all available policy limits to the client for the injuries she received from the dog bite.

Las Vegas, NV – October 6, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — Donald C. Kudler, Esq. a personal injury lawyer at Cap & Kudler, has represented several clients who have been bitten by dogs. As a dog owner, he is aware of the need to know his animals and to make sure they do not injure anyone. Mr. Kudler says, “Having had as many as three large dogs at one time, I understand that an owner’s love for his pets cannot overcome his duty to make sure that those pets don’t cause injury to others.” He notes that this is especially true where, as in this case, “the owner has knowledge of the dog’s propensity to bite.”

In this case, the client suffered severe bites on her right arm resulting in multiple trips to the hospital and medical bills in excess of $40,000 as well as lost wages. Fortunately, the client had health insurance available through her employer to absorb the costs. The health insurance company was paid back from the proceeds of the case. However, having and using the available health insurance led to the client receiving a more substantial settlement from the dog owner’s insurance company.

Donald C. Kudler ( ) was able to settle this case prior to a lawsuit being filed for all available insurance coverage of $103,000 consisting of premises medical payments coverage and liability coverage.

Mr. Kudler notes that it is fairly unusual for an insurance company to pay its limits in a dog bite case. It appears to him that the insurance company was swayed to pay the limits without the necessity of filing a lawsuit due to the amount of the damages caused by the dog and the dog’s admitted propensity for biting.

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