Don Johnson And A Pink Fly Tying Vise – A Man On A Mission?

Don Johnson jets in to kick off the winter Community Workshop for Fly Tying organized by October 7th, 2009 is the date. The question on everyone’s lips: is this the Don Johnson of Miami Vice fame? And is Don really a veteran fly designer and tier of 20 years?

Blaine, Washington (PressReleasePivot) October 2, 2009. We can be on the same page when we meet veteran fly designer and tier, Don Johnson from closer to home, Shelton, WA. On this occasion Don will tie on his 12 year old daughter’s pink fly tying vise. Don will help kick off the Community Workshops for Fly Tying this winter with a demonstration tying evening at the Blaine Public Library on October 7th, 2009 at 6.30pm, and show families how to tie as a family and enjoy it.

As Don says, not everyone can make a living from their passions, but he did find a way to bring his passions, his family, his love of fly tying and fishing. At age 5 his daughter Madison was eyeing her fathers’ creations, and soon enough she was sitting opposite from him on her own custom designed, pink, Nor-Vise copying his movements. Sitting opposite from her father was a perfect set up because Madison is left-handed, so she tied a mirror image of what she saw her father tying.

Don and his wife, Kristen believes strongly in the sanctity of family; he has his other offspring all baited and hooked into tying: Timmy tied from age 4 and Amelia now 8, both fish with the family. Although Don spends 170 days on the road with his job as a service engineer for Perkin Elmer, he has his family join him on weekends and to sample the local fishing and other activities that keep families bonded.

Don Johnson hasn’t arrested, but filled his passions for fly tying and fishing: Don adds, “For a short while I was a licensed guide for an Orvis-endorsed guide service on the St. Joe River in Idaho.” He has whipped up some speed as a commercial tier and fly article writer. Now he is a pro staff for names such as: Saint Croix, Nor-Vise, Ross reels and Daiichi hooks. Don helps promote the product, helping sales reps, attending shows and is there to support and promote the companies. Did I mention he is a contract tier for Pacific Fly Group, a major fly tying house located in California?

This introduction won’t cover his fly designs such as the Spun Dubbed Caddis, or the Puget Sound Slider. There isn’t enough space to write up his passion with the Nor-vise system, and why it’s the epitome of years of fly tying history. But we can still mention the work Don put in to make his passion of fly tying into a fund raiser; he founded Caddis for Kids, a fly tying marathon that raised money for children’s care services at Children’s Hospital in Seattle.

Bernadette Zuzarte, CEO of is psyched, ” Bring the family, make it for all ages and come have fun.” Don Johnson and his Pink Vise offer a myriad of humour filled aspects to his tying passions, and all are invited to attend and get hooked on to this exciting series of winter activity for the family on October 7th, 2009, 6.30 pm

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