Ten Books in One Offers Must-Have Strategies to Out-Think and Out-Perform Competition

The competition, economy, global market and the way we communicate have all changed. Organizations and entrepreneurs seeking survival skills and competitive edges have turned to Connie Podesta’s new award winning book, “10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd”.

Dallas, TX – June 7, 2011 (via PressReleasePivot.com) — Award winning author Connie Podesta’s new book, 10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd, offers up the 10 Best Business Books for today’s world – all wrapped into one. “There are ten components to successfully navigating change in today’s world,” shares keynote speaker Podesta. “We addressed all ten in fun, impactful and results-producing ways to give companies the skill sets, motivation and how-to’s they need to not just survive – but empower their people and thrive – regardless of market trends.”

Connie Podesta ( http://www.ConniePodesta.com/booking/ ) is not a typical keynote speaker or author. Her direct, pull-no-punches style – whether on the written page or live from the stage – engages, entertains and challenges people to change – for the better. Real-world strategies, step-by-step solutions and empowering mindsets all come together, having listeners all at once LAUGHING and THINKING. Better still – she guides people to ACT in ways that will propel their careers, improve their relationships and help them achieve a more balanced life.

“You wowed us. But more than that, you made us think about our relationships and realize how important they are to our business and personal lives,” enthused Charles D. Yuska, President of the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute.

Connie’s STAND OUT STRATEGIES ( http://1clik2.com/10Ways2StandOut ) and award-winning new book provide organizations and entrepreneurs an easy-to-read and simple-to-reference guide to the ten most important topics they face in today’s world in terms of competition, self-growth and leveraging relationships.

“There’s no ONE thing that will help business professionals truly STAND OUT in today’s market,” said Podesta. “But there are strategies that when combined effectively can certainly propel them to become their personal best. They’ll attract new customers and keep more current customers all while allowing them to lead healthier, happier lives.”

Podesta explores strategies for improving business and personal relationships in a short YouTube video, Re-Define Your Relationships, at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mIxMh9fTXg

What strategies would compel readers and their organizations to out-perform the competition?

* More effective leadership?
* Make smarter, timelier choices?
* Better manage expectations?
* Leverage strengths and overcome weaknesses?
* Consistently build stronger, more long-lasting relationships?
* Shift to winning mindsets?

10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd ( http://amzn.to/10WaysStandOut ) is not one small business book; it’s ten solid, career-changing solutions for getting more, delivering more and becoming more in today’s competitive world.

About Connie Podesta:
Connie Podesta ( http://www.ConniePodesta.com/speakingtraining ) brings new meaning to the term “powerhouse”. With quick wit and extraordinary insight, she makes people both laugh and think. She compels both audience members and readers alike to create action plans that build strong foundations and even stronger futures. She cuts to the basics, giving people reliable, repeatable success strategies that make change feel more like opportunity than obstacle. Podesta is an important, game-changing addition to any corporate event.

For more information on Connie Podesta’s schedule and availability or to learn more about her award winning book 10 Ways to Stand Out From the Crowd and the keynote topics that spring from it, contact her team today at 972-596-5501, via email at info@ConniePodesta.com or visit her website online at http://www.ConniePodesta.com

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