Visual Search Engine Lookin’ Good: WebKruz Innovates Search Engine Style

The visual search engine innovation is a long-awaited twist on Internet search. The basic text-based results of most search engines fail to inspire and inform users in the way those users need. In contrast, visual-based results maximize the user’s experience by combining the website’s text content and graphic design to make it both inherently easier to scan and more engaging than text-based results.

Denver, Colorado (PressReleasePivot) September 29, 2009 — Sales and excitement are always importantly linked in the search engine world. WebKruz, like most search engines, utilizes an advertising-based marketing model. However, the advertisements provide by text-based search engines are frequently as much of an annoyance to users as they are a benefit to advertisers. When a page is full of text already, it gets hard on the users’ eyes to keep scanning as they seek out what they want ( ).

The visual aspects of WebKruz search results naturally attracts users with a preference toward visual representations of information. In order to provide the greatest benefit to advertisers, WebKruz leverages this same visual preference by showcasing their customer’s targeted TV-style video advertisements.

Video advertisements are a natural fit for visual search results. These ads receive top placement on each search result page to ensure an experience that is rich with videos, images, and eye-catching media.

WebKruz understands that graphical and text-based advertisements are still widely used in the industry, so they provide placement for these ads directly below the video ads. Their innovative layout provides maximum exposure to video advertisements while facilitating all other types of web-based ads. Suddenly, a search engine with results and advertisements that are equally engaging and intuitive.
Users rave about the whole experience, highlighting many facets besides its visual appeal.
“I’m not entirely sure exactly how [WebKruz] creates its different categories,” says one reviewer ( ) about WebKruz’s results sorting feature, “but they are really quite intelligent.”

WebKruz doesn’t reveal how they accomplish the category search, but combined with the power of their visual search, it makes for a very innovative search engine. One that not only looks good, but actually looks visually as it searches down the results that users need and as it displays them in an innovative, appealing format.

This new style of search gives three distinct benefits:

1. It makes a visual connection with the user that provides more context than text-based results.
2. It opens a new, low-cost advertising channel on which to repurpose new and existing TV ads.
3. It is fun; the multimedia rush is as much the point of using WebKruz as the actual searching is.

While their novelty means they have a ways yet to grow, that same innovation makes WebKruz unique.

“Instead of showing the results in a flat textual format,” the WebKruz About Us page ( ) “…shows the results in a way that gives the results more depth.”

As the demand for a visual search engine and the WebKruz offering continue to converge, Internet users will discover a way to bring advertising, search engine service, and useful results together in one website. That site—WebKruz, the visual search engine—already exists ( ) and is, as they claim, the future of search.

About WebKruz:
WebKruz defies the modern search engine standard of bland text by making search become a powerful visual tool. Their visual search engine also uses a categorical organization of search results, an innovative sorting feature that weeds out unrelated searches and streamlines the what remains. Through use of categories and their exciting visual displays, WebKruz promises to bring forward the future of search with its visual search engine format.

Learn more by sending an email to or making a phone call to +1 (303) 376-6330. WebKruz is available at

WebKruzTM is a trademark of United Smart Systems, LLC.

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