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The Golden Rule is often cited as a guideline for peaceful coexistence. The surprising reality is that it may in fact be counter-productive for both relationships and businesses. Following The Golden Rule literally may lead to employee dissatisfaction and toxic interpersonal conflict.

Boston, MA – April 12, 2011 (via — How can employers minimize conflict while boosting productivity within the organization? Throw out The Golden Rule. Gone by the wayside is the antiquated philosophy, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.” Instead, treat people in the way THEY would like to be treated, and enjoy the rewards of a more effortless and effective work environment.

“The Golden Rule is positively the worst advice given, especially in business,” says Stephen Shapiro, innovation leader and author of Personality Poker. ( ) “People operate from a dangerously misguided view that what satisfies our own needs and makes us happy is analogous to the needs and wants of those around us.”

Stephen Shapiro’s recent book and personality tool, Personality Poker ( ) helps the reader clearly define their preferred style. More importantly, playing this engaging and interactive poker game allows players to discover the favored mode of operation of their peers, opening up an opportunity to “Do unto them as THEY would like to have done”. This invariably minimizes conflict, opens communication and enhances productivity.

“This ‘one-size-fits–all’ approach employed by most companies meets the needs of the few, but has lacked the capacity to positively influence the masses,” says Shapiro. “Companies need to start listening to what employees really want and begin tailoring programs and processes to better align with those unique and individual needs, be it motivation, communication, performance management and / or metrics.”

Shapiro expands on the topic, “Why the Golden Rule is Tarnished”, in a short video at

About Stephen Shapiro:
Stephen Shapiro is one of the foremost authorities on innovation and collaboration, and has personally touched hundreds of thousands of lives in over 40 countries. While Stephen’s insights apply to virtually any organization, big or small, he has contributed to shifting the innovation culture for such Fortune 500 organization as Staples, GE, BP, Johnson & Johnson, Fidelity Investments, Pearson Education, Nestlé, and Bristol-Myers Squibb. As the founder and creator of a 20,000 person internal innovation practice within Accenture, and advisor to hundreds of organizations worldwide, Stephen possesses a rare and extensive arsenal of tools allowing him to arm any organization with the knowledge they need to shift their most threatening challenges. His most recent project, Personality Poker ( ), released by Penguin Portfolio in October 2010, is a card game that has been played by over 25,000 people in boardrooms and living rooms around the world.

Stephen can be reached at 617-379-1177 or online at

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