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According to the IRS Data Book, the number of taxpayers with delinquent accounts is expected to reach 10.5 million in 2010, up from 7 million in 2006. During the same time frame, the amount of unpaid taxes, penalties, and interest owed to the IRS went from $69 billion to roughly $125 billion.

Brooklyn, New York – March 22, 2011 (via — As the tax deadline of April 15th approaches for the 2010 year, many individuals look to tax preparers to maximize their possible deductions and amend past tax returns. It is more important than ever for people to seek out tax experts that are ethical and reputable. Due to the recession millions of taxpayers were hit with tough economic times making it challenging to stay current with their tax obligations.

“We are seeing tax returns becoming increasingly complicated due to the difficulties people have faced during the economic recession” said Joe Ligeri, owner of ( ). “While the number of people with back tax problems continue to increase, I urge people to be very careful in finding qualified experts to resolve their tax situations. There are many very aggressive companies advertising in the media that target the misfortunes of people who are facing tough sledding in the bad economy. These companies get worried people to pay upfront fees of several thousand dollars before offering any assistance with tax resolution.”

Many tax relief companies charge thousands of dollars in advance fees based on inflated promises of their ability to help. These companies regularly claim they can reduce people’s tax bills by up to 90 percent, but offer little or no help even after you have paid them thousands of dollars in advance.

“These fraudulent tax relief companies are very easy to spot” says Ligeri. “If you call them for help you only speak with a salesperson whom they refer to as a TAX Consultant. This tax consultant’s only purpose is to collect thousands of dollars in advance fees from you before they will offer any assistance. Unfortunately, these Tax Consultants are nothing more than commissioned sales people.”

Ligeri advises consumers to proceed with caution and to do their due diligence.

“A real tax settlement expert will talk with you and learn as much as possible about your situation before they can develop a solution. They offer a free, no obligation consultant to learn as much as possible about you and your situation. The best advice I can offer to people,” says Ligeri is “that you should consult with the person who is working on your case and preparing your tax return. If you are talking to a salesperson be prepared to get ripped off.”

Taxpayers who have tax problems, and need outside help, should speak with a real tax expert who will provide them with customer references before they proceed.

Consumers can set up a no obligation free consultation with TaxProUSA by calling them at 888-458-2945 or signing up at their website

About TaxProUSA:
For 34 years Joe Ligeri has been responsible to the representation of IRS audits for difficult tax situations. He teaches auditors and other tax experts on tax resolution. He is available for a personal consultation at 888-458-2945.

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