New E-Book, Live Today Better than You Did Yesterday, Offers Insights into Personal Growth author Sibyl Chavis has just released new ebook, “Live Today Better than You Did Yesterday”. The 140 page e-book is a compilation of some of Chavis’ most popular personal growth advice, along with tips from life change experts, designed to improve mindset and life experiences.

Detroit, MI – February 2, 2011 (via — Life coach and popular blogger, Sibyl Chavis, has just released her first e-book, “Live Today Better than You Did Yesterday”. This new e-book is a collection of some of some of her most popular and meaningful stories, plus collected tips from life change experts. The 140-page e-book is available for free to subscribers to her blog, The Alternaview.

Sibyl began The Alternaview 3 years ago as an outlet to offer advice about how to live differently, and how to live better. “It is so easy to get caught up in life and to be totally consumed with all the things we are trying to do every day,” says Chavis. “So many of us actually go through life on autopilot – never really experiencing all that life has to offer. I knew there was a different way, a better way, and that’s what inspired The Alternaview.”

The Alternaview ( ) offers common sense approaches and advice to help us become connected to the people around us and really engage and experience things in the greatest ways. Chavis’ creation helps to point each of us in the right direction by offering tips to finding a new perspective and choosing to see things differently.

“It’s about looking at life and everything around us from a different perspective. Why? So that we can learn things that will fundamentally change who we are just by looking at things differently,” says Chavis. “We can look at anything and everything around us through the right type of lens and discover what it means to really live our best life. We can accomplish what we desire and watch as life unfolds for us in the most amazing ways.”

Alternaview readers are reminded that life is filled with lessons and important things that we should notice and that “alternaviews” open our eyes to perspectives and viewpoints we may not have thought of before. By changing our mindset and experiences, we can see situations through a different lens – a roadmap to living in the greatest way.

The new e-book “Live Today Better than You Did Yesterday” is available free from the Alternaview website ( ).

“Sometimes it is the smallest thing or insight that points you in the right direction and helps you see the light – then things just click. All we have to do is choose to be open to discovering new insights, discovering new information and living in a different way,” offers Chavis.

Don’t miss this opportunity to take a fresh look at life through a new set of eyes. Visit Chavis’ Blog, the Alternaview, and check out her new e-book, “Live Today Better than You Did Yesterday” at

About Alternaview:
The Alternaview is a personal growth blog written by Sibyl Chavis, a 34 year old mother, wife, business professional, avid reader, blogger, Harvard Law school graduate and dedicated University of Michigan fan. The Alternaview was created out of Chavis’ fascination with looking at and analyzing things from all angles. Her popular blog offers a fresh perspective to open its readers’ eyes, and offer advice for looking at things from a new, and often better, perspective. The 3-year old blog has gained a solid following. For more information, visit The Alternaview or subscribe (and get her free e-book) at . Sibyl Chavis can also be followed on Twitter ( )

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