Symantec Helps Enterprises Build Cloud Storage and Manage Data Growth with Scale-Out NAS Appliance

FileStore N8300 Clustered NAS solution offers integrated archiving with Enterprise Vault; enables customers to scale their storage resources in on-premise and cloud environments.

Mountain View, CA – January 19, 2011 (via — Symantec Corp. (Nasdaq: SYMC) today announced Symantec FileStore N8300, a scale-out, clustered network attached storage (NAS) appliance designed to help customers address the business challenges associated with building out cloud storage, managing large volumes of data and controlling the associated storage costs. FileStore N8300 enables customers to manage unstructured data growth with a scalable, high performance and easy to manage solution for their file storage and archiving needs in on-premise and cloud environments.

Managing Data Growth

Business critical unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate and today accounts for 85 percent of all organizational information.1 To enable IT professionals in addressing the challenges associated with storing, managing and accessing this data, Symantec is introducing the FileStore N8300 appliance. Symantec FileStore N8300 is a scalable, clustered NAS appliance that is built upon the market leading clustered file system in Symantec’s Veritas Storage Foundation. FileStore N8300 natively integrates with other Symantec solutions including Enterprise Vault, NetBackup, Storage Foundation’s SmartTier and AntiVirus security to provide a holistic solution for storing and managing unstructured data.

Symantec FileStore N8300 meets the demands of digital content growth by scaling linearly from 2 to 16 nodes, and with up to 1.4PB of storage within a single cluster. FileStore N8300 server and storage nodes can be scaled independently based on user requirements for availability, performance or data growth. FileStore N8300’s native integration with NetBackup removes the requirement for long NDMP backup windows, while embedded AntiVirus eliminates the burden of file scanning over the network.

Building Cloud Storage

Organizations of any size wanting to implement cloud storage for the benefits of availability and the ability to manage large volumes of data can reduce their storage costs with Symantec FileStore N8300. FileStore N8300 is built on commodity hardware, scales capacity non-disruptively, and is one of the top performing NAS systems based on the SPECsfs benchmark – offering organizations an ideal solution for building out cloud storage. FileStore N8300 offers a superior price performance solution for organizations to build scalable file- based storage services for their enterprise, including private and public clouds.

Data Archiving With Enterprise Vault

FileStore integrates with Symantec Enterprise Vault, the leader in data archiving, to provide a scalable and integrated data archiving solution for retention and compliance of unstructured data. The integrated solution reduces costs, simplifies product support and eases the product implementation process.

With support for both WORM and non-WORM data, the solution allows retention policies to be set at a per-file level. FileStore N8300 is the only Enterprise Vault NAS target to enable Partition Secure Notification – a new tool that enables Enterprise Vault to delete safety copies from primary storage upon notification that the archived data has been successfully backed up – increasing data protection for the archive and reducing storage costs.

Pricing and Availability

Symantec FileStore N8300 is available now in the United States, U.K., Italy and the UAE and will be rolled out in phases to other regions. Estimated pricing for the FileStore N8300 appliance begins at $72,648 USD.

Supporting Quotes

* “FileStore offers us a scalable, highly available file serving solution that powers our cloud backup environment, and integrates with other Symantec products that we use,” said Tom Mays, senior vice president of Advanced Data Solutions, Terremark (NASDAQ:TMRK). “Because of this, we’ve been able to expand our storage footprint in the cloud without any downtime and we have seen enhanced performance across storage environments, reduced costs and better utilization.”

* “Managing the explosive growth of unstructured data is a major challenge for enterprises and cloud providers,” said Yogesh Agrawal, vice president of Symantec’s FileStore Product Group. “Symantec FileStore N8300 helps organizations address these challenges and begin to curb the associated costs with a high performance and scalable storage solution that integrates with the information management portfolio of Symantec to effectively store and manage this data.”

* “The onslaught of data and the pressure to improve overall operational efficiencies are driving organizations to adopt new storage architectures,” said Noemi Greyzdorf, research manager, IDC. “The FileStore N8300 appliance offers organizations a new choice to manage these challenges by combining enterprise and high performance features in a scale out architecture.”

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