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255 to 2,213. That’s the number of Expert Questions available from ThoughtOffice. ThoughtOffice is a novel brainstorming application that asks the right questions, and then provides more than 10,000,000 answers. People and groups requiring real-time creative thinking and innovation get immediate solutions using the ThoughtOffice Model.

Vancouver, WA – January 7, 2011 (via PressReleaseNation.com) — Business leaders require creative thinking and problem solving skills in real-time. An Internet-enhanced software application, ThoughtOffice provides powerful questions derived from millions of hours of process development by successful business leaders. Each software bundle includes a selection of “Expert Topic Brainstorming Modules”, each one filled with hundreds of questions that become the catalyst for new ideas and solutions.

“ThoughtOffice was designed with one purpose in mind: creatively solve problems faster and easier than anything before,” says Mark Alan Effinger, Founder and Chief Evangelist for ThoughtOffice. “Our clients have opened our eyes to how important speed is to the creative process. It can mean millions in savings, billions in market opportunities. This version of ThoughtOffice was developed to provide real-time results.”

Several ThoughtOffice software bundles are available, designed for markets such as: CEOs, executive coaches, creative writers, public speakers, inventors, and educators. All software suites are designed to help enhance the creative thinking process by using a series of brainstorming questions ( http://www.thoughtrod.com/plugin-modules/ ) which trigger the user to view ideas and problems from multiple perspectives. With hundreds of questions per module, making connections between ideas, or linking to new possibilities, is both easier and faster. This is made possible because the contents of each module are organized the way a true expert thinks. Fast, intuitive and deep.

“Asking just the right question has the power to create a paradigm shift in our own thinking,” says Samantha Hall, ThoughtOffice Product Specialist. “A question can prompt us to view a problem or idea in a new light, from new perspective or vantage point that we may not have seen before. Then suddenly, we reach a moment of clear understanding! We see new doors that we didn’t know were there before. A new path. A new angle.”

Once a series of questions is selected from the module, they are added to the main interface and become the foundation for the brainstorming Session document. ( http://www.thoughtrod.com/software-bundles/ ) When a brainstorming session is complete, the document can be exported in several layouts and formats, including storyboard, HTML, or PDF, allowing the results to be shared with co-workers or clients. Session documents can also be branded and even password protected for an additional layer of protection when sharing ideas with others.

The program is available for both Macintosh OS X and Windows XP / Vista / 7. It features a collection of plugin modules that provide professional guidance in 16 areas of expertise ( http://www.thoughtrod.com/plugin-modules/ ). ThoughtOffice bundles are priced from $97 to $497 and are available online at http://www.ThoughtRod.com and from the ThoughtOffice Amazon store at http://amzn.to/ThoughtOfficeStore .

About ThoughtOffice:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Washington-based technology firm focused on innovation and business process development. Since 1986, the company founders have successfully launched and sold nearly a dozen companies, from advertising to laser display technology, software to Internet e-commerce. In development of brainstorming software, the development team interviewed over 800 business and innovation leaders. They apprenticed with Marsh Fisher, co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate and founder of IdeaFisher, one of the first and most popular brainstorming software programs worldwide. The result, ThoughtOffice, takes brainstorming and innovation out of the lab and makes it practical for daily use for education, business process development, advertising, executive coaching and in the C-Level executive suite. ThoughtOffice Corporation can be reached at 360-450-6888, by e-mail at info@thoughtoffice.com or http://www.ThoughtRod.com

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