ThoughtOffice Blasts Through the 10 Million Thought Bite Barrier – Big Ideas Come From Millions Of Small, Innovation-Laced Packages

ThoughtOffice Corporation announced this week that its namesake brainstorming software has surpassed 10 million available words, keyphrases, images, and more – giving users quick access to the building blocks that stimulate new, creative ideas.

Vancouver, WA – November 25, 2010 (via — What is the smallest element of a great idea? ThoughtOffice calls it a Thought Bite – a morsel of an idea to chew on, as the big innovation fills your mind. As of October 1, 2010, ThoughtOffice passed a significant milestone. Thanks to crowdsourced content, the brainstorming software passed the milestone of 10,000,000 creative elements as a part of its ever-expanding online database.

How do individuals find unique breakthrough ideas? From the collision between fragments of existing ideas that, when fused together, become the truly innovative solution. Brainstorming research indicates that great ideas stem from a series of word and image associations… phrases, concepts, mashups or memes that lead to a “Eureka!” moment.

“When our development team was working with Marsh Fisher on his popular IdeaFisher program, we realized the power of associations within its 65,000 word and phrase database,” says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO and founder of ThoughtOffice. “With ThoughtOffice, we initially scaled that to 144,000 available word associations. Now, by crowdsourcing (tapping thousands of brilliant minds worldwide) our online databases grow by over 12,000 words, images, and phrases each week. Every time you launch the program, it has new data to work with. This is the heart of real-time innovation.”

This breadth and depth of available idea “seeds” is unsurpassed in the industry. Using the program’s integrated IdeaBrowser – a “stream of consciousness” idea search engine that scans words, popular key-phrases, quotations and images – users can develop ideas and think laterally in a rapid, organic way. The IdeaBrowser ( ) integrates directly with ThoughtOffice, making it easy to compose and organize these thought bites into a linear presentation. This helps add order to the otherwise chaotic creative process. The two functions are bundled together into one program, passing information back and forth effortlessly.

“We’ve seen that ThoughtOffice provides an effective catalyst to stimulate the user’s OWN creative juices. There are plenty of ways people get creative inspirations, from a warm shower to running over ‘road turtles’ at 60 miles an hour. We’re finding that products like ThoughtOffice can provide a measure of predictability to the process,” says Effinger.

With 10,000,000+ thought bites, the number of effective combinations is massive. As a source of content to trigger the user’s own latent memory, ThoughtOffice removes barriers to the brainstorming process. Users can sit down, and in 5-10 minutes, begin releasing their first software-empowered solutions.

ThoughtOffice brainstorming software ( ) uses word associations, definitions, images, synonyms and more to drive the lateral thinking process. But good brainstorming begins by asking the right questions. That’s the role of the Topics Browser: an outlining tool loaded with up to 13,755 questions and “setups”. These questions help users drill down on an issue to get to the heart of the matter. Once that’s accomplished, brainstorming becomes much more focused. Results come in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

ThoughtOffice also plays well with all popular Mind Mapping software. The company refers to the process as “Adding Brains to the Bubbles” (referring to the embedded intelligence in ThoughtOffice filling the balloons that make up many popular MindMap programs).

The program is available for either Macintosh OS X or Windows XP / Vista / 7, and features a collection of plugin modules that provide professional guidance in 16 areas of expertise ( ). ThoughtOffice bundles are priced from $97 to $497 and are available online at

About ThoughtOffice:
ThoughtOffice Corporation is a Washington-based technology firm focused on innovation and business process development. Since 1986, the company founders have successfully founded and sold nearly a dozen companies, from advertising to laser display technology, software to Internet e-commerce. The development team interviewed over 800 business and innovation leaders, and apprenticed with Marsh Fisher, co-founder of Century 21 Real Estate and founder of IdeaFisher, one of the first and most popular brainstorming software programs. The result, ThoughtOffice, takes brainstorming and innovation out of the lab and makes it practical for daily use for education, business process development, advertising creatives, coaches and CEOs. ThoughtOffice Corporation can be reached at 360-450-6888, by e-mail at or

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