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Toxic mold in homes and offices can be a serious health issue. Building Cleaning Services in Glendale, California provides safe, professional removal of black and other mold from homes and buildings in the greater Los Angeles area.

Los Angeles, CA – November 24, 2010 (via — Toxic mold in homes and offices is increasingly being recognized as a serious health issue. Mold spores are an unfortunate part of household and workplace dust. However, when mold spores are present in sufficient quantities, they can be a health hazard to humans.

According to the World Health Organization’s 2009 Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality: Dampness and Mold, “Exposure to microbial contaminants is clinically associated with respiratory symptoms, allergies, asthma and immunological [immune system] reactions.”

If a building exhibits one or more of the following, there may be a mold contamination problem:

 * Musty smell
 * Black, gray or green stains (mold stains) in the form of colonies growing on walls, floors and ceilings
 * Recent or ongoing water / plumbing leaks, water damage or flooding
 * Old water damage marks or stains over walls, floors, shower, or ceilings
 * Moisture or condensation due to inadequate ventilation
 * Unexplained, unusual or off-season allergy symptoms (especially if accompanied by the above)

Locating the source of the moisture is of paramount importance. If the source of the moisture is not located, it is almost certain that the mold will return within a short period of time.

Mold is commonly found on walls, floors, ceilings, counter tops, and in carpets – basically almost anything exposed to moisture. ( ) These microscopic spores can be hidden inside a wall, behind a tub surround, or under a kitchen sink.

Whenever a home or building has been exposed to excessive moisture, it is important to first have the property inspected and tested for mold. A mold inspection company can determine the seriousness of the contamination.  It’s best to hire an inspection company that doesn’t also do the removal, to prevent any potential conflict of interest. To learn  more about the mold removal process, visit the company’s web site at

Building Cleaning Services removes the mold; they do not perform testing.

If mold is found, and professional removal is suggested by the inspection company, please email Building Cleaning Services at or call the company at 818-953-7100 to schedule a free estimate for removal.

Building Cleaning Services ( ) has been a company of choice for mold inspection companies and home owners for over 13 years, thanks to their record of professionalism, success in obtaining independent clearance release after mold is removed, and client satisfaction.

BCS prides itself on taking the worry out of the mold remediation process for their clients.

About Building Cleaning Services:
Established in 1997, Building Cleaning Services offers free estimates for mold removal as well as:
•  Emergency water damage clean-up & flood water extraction – residential & commercial
•  Post-construction cleaning – residential & commercial
•  Deodorization after smoke damage and other sources such as rodents, etc.
•  Carpet cleaning & sanitizing
•  Commercial office cleaning

Building Cleaning Services serves Los Angeles, Orange, Ventura, Santa Clarita, Riverside & San Bernardino counties. To learn more, visit . To schedule an estimate, call 818-953-7100 or e-mail .

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