Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, Cap and Kudler, Settle a Slip and Fall Case

Donald Kudler of the Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, Cap and Kudler, has settled a slip and fall case for a client who fell in December, 2004 on ice that had formed from water that had leaked from a broken pipe.

Las Vegas, NV – August 25, 2010 (via — Donald Kudler of Cap & Kudler has recently settled a case for the victim of a slip and fall accident that occurred in December, 2004. The client had walked out of an apartment and fell on ice that had formed on the sidewalk. The client did not see the ice before the fall and had no idea that it was there. After checking whether reports, it was clear that the ice did not form from any precipitation. In fact, the ice formed after a landscaping pipe had broken from due to the cold weather freezing the water in the pipe.

The lawsuit was initially against the owners of the apartment complex. The case was litigated for several years. During that time, it was discovered that an outside company was in charge of the landscaping. That company was brought in as a Defendant in the case after it was learned that the landscaper knew to shut off the water to the pipe on cold nights – something they apparently failed to do that night. Donald Kudler notes, “My client would not have been injured if the landscaper and the complex owner followed their protocol to prevent pipes breaking on cold winter nights.”

The client fractured his shin and landed on his head as a result of falling on the ice. He continues to experience pain as a result of those injuries. According to Donald Kudler, “Slip and fall injuries are difficult to settle. Defendants often blame the victims of these falls for failing to see the danger such as the ice that had formed on the morning my client fell.”

Donald Kudler ( ) advises victims of personal injury accidents (whether they are slip and falls, car accidents, or other negligent or intentional acts) to get as much information as possible at the time of the accident. In this case, his client was able to help his case by advising his attorney that the landscaping was done by an outside company and that he heard a pipe had broken in the dirt area next to the sidewalk where he fell. The client was also able to give his personal injury attorney the name of the on-site employee who was responsible for the landscaping at the apartment complex.

This case was settled during a mediation, with the apartment complex and the landscaper each agreeing to cover half of the client’s damages. Donald Kudler says, “I’m glad we were able to settle for an amount that satisfied my client. This case would have been expensive and difficult to take to trial, and an outcome is never certain when a jury considers a case.”

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