Canadian Business Directory CliqueCanada Takes Word of Mouth Advertising into the Online World announces an online business review system that facilitates word of mouth online advertising.

Winnipeg, MB – August 31, 2010 (via — Word of mouth seems to matter a great deal to consumers. In fact, within the past few years of economic slow-downs, word of mouth advertising may account for as much as 80% (according to Agent Wildfire of Canada) in our decision to pursue a product, service or profession.

That is a staggering statistic. But upon closer inspection, it makes sense. The majority of people trust family members, friends and co-workers for reliable information. is an online search portal for Canadian products, services and professionals which recognizes that word of mouth advertising is a vital function in the daily life of the Canadian consumer. With online searches ( ) increasing exponentially each year, the need for valid information is fully evident.

“The internet is the number one tool people use when looking for products and services,” says Blanche Cadorath, V.P. of Marketing and Sales, “but consumers want confidence in their choices. That is why has, as a part of its service, ratings and reviews for products and services. We also have an online forum where people can get together and formulate informative discussions.” is an industry leader and has experienced unprecedented growth over the past year, with more than 400,000 views per month. With this growth comes the responsibility of accurately listing every business in every city across Canada, so updating the online business directory is a constant activity. So too, is the daily entry of customer reviews and ratings. CliqueCanada ( ) knows this is of the utmost importance because people rely heavily on getting correct and up-to-date information.

Before the Internet, advertisers relied heavily on TV, radio and newspapers to get their message across. This was great for the advertiser, but not always great for the consumer, as these media were the primary source of information. But with the development of the Internet, CliqueCanada can not only list all areas of professions, services, government agencies, and businesses in Canada, but it can assist the consumer in making good choices by bringing back the oldest form of marketing, word of mouth!

Designed and developed from the ground up, with more than 7000 visitors per day (and growing) CliqueCanada ( ) is rapidly gaining ground as Canada’s best one-stop, user-friendly, informative and interactive business and consumer search portal.

About CliqueCanada: was developed as a premier online search portal to provide a resource for finding quality local services and professionals to those looking for the best possible results in their home area. now covers virtually all towns and cities in Canada. For more information, or to try the service, visit and register for a free personal account. The company can also be contacted by phone at (800) 665-7449 or by e-mail at

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