Martini in the Morning is Getting Labor Day Weekend Early on Friday

Martini In The Morning will have the resident Daddy-O’s bartenders live at 9:00am PST on Friday September 3 in studio demonstrating vintage cocktail recipes for classic cocktails, punches, juleps, sours, and smashes.

North Hollywood, CA – September 2, 2010 (via — It’s that time again! Martini In The Morning is having their resident bartenders from Daddy-O’s Martini in studio on Friday to introduce their latest vintage cocktail discoveries and new creations live on the air. Daddy-O’s Martinis founder and master mixologist John Apodaca and Mark Barkley will be serving host Brad ‘Martini’ Chambers some cocktail classics as well as a few new creations.

The show on Friday September 3rd will have a farewell to summer Labor Day theme. Many call Labor Day the unofficial end to summer. It will feature Patio Daddy-O end of summer and retro ’50s backyard barbecues & vintage cocktails from that era. “We show how to use fresh fruits, herbs, top shelf spirits and proper balance and flavors rather than high fructose syrups and cheap liquor” said Apodaca.

The show will be live at 9:00am Pacific Time September 3 (Noon Eastern). Point your browser to, click on the ‘Listen Live’ icon, and then scroll click on the ‘Martini-Vision’ icon that looks like a retro television. You’ll be able to watch John Apodaca, Mark Barclay and host Brad ‘Martini’ Chambers on the webcam as well as hear them on the internet radio station. They always have a lot of fun when Daddy O’s visits.

John Apodaca and Mark Barclay’s last show on Martini in The Morning was dedicated to the cocktails of the expertly acted, beautifully photographed and exquisitely designed Emmy award winning AMC television series Mad Men. They spent the morning showing how to prepare Don Draper’s signature Old Fashioned, Betty Draper’s favorite Vodka Gimlet, Roger Sterling’s classic Martini and the quintessential boardroom staple the Bloody Mary.

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