CPMG Partners with Youth Fitness Magazine

CPMG and Youth Fitness Magazine are joining efforts to keep kids safe and healthy.

San Diego, CA – September 4, 2010 (via PressReleaseNation.com) — In a world dominated by television, video games, and other forms of inactive entertainment, the idea of children going outside to play and entertain themselves is quickly fading into the past. In an effort to combat the growing trend among young people to lock themselves in their homes and avoid sunlight, Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG) has partnered with Youth Fitness Magazine to promote active and healthy lifestyles in children.

CPMG and Youth Fitness Magazine ( http://www.youthfitnessmag.com ) want children to understand that activities like team sports are fun ways to stay fit and healthy. When children are able to establish good health habits in their youth, they are more likely to continue their good health habits through adult hood.

The partnership will also draw attention to the non-physical benefits of youth fitness. Not only are physically active children more likely to lead healthy adult lives, but children who participate in team activities and youth sports are more likely to avoid bad influences that could lead to potentially dangerous behavior. Many youth fitness leaders, like coaches and trainers, often become trusted mentors to children and teens who are able to intervene when they sense that the child is in trouble.

Parents who are considering youth sports for their children will enjoy the fact that CPMG ( http://www.cpmgsandiego.com ) and Youth Fitness Magazine will begin to provide community members with information on safe participation in youth sports. Parents of children with certain medical conditions will need to pay particular attention to the specific risks involved with each sport. Even children with conditions that prevent them from participating in high impact sports will find benefits from becoming involved in low impact team sports.

CPMG and Youth Fitness Magazine understand that many parents will be skeptical over their ability to convince children to put down the remote controls and get outside, but the pair is confident that many children will become self motivated to pursue sports and other healthy activities once they see for themselves the positive physical benefits. Once they see how much faster, stronger, and agile they are than their less active friends, the motivation to continue to improve will always be present.

Healthy children are also more likely to bring home better grades. Children who are physically fit tend to be more focused and attentive in class.

With so many benefits, finding the motivation to encourage kids to be more healthy should be easy. With the help of CPMG and Youth Fitness Magazine, the task can be even easier.

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