Army and Navy Academy Cadets Awarded Significantly after Assessment

The young men of California’s Army and Navy Academy received another honorable award as a result of their impressive performance during their Cadet Formal Inspection, administered by the United States Army Cadet Command.

Carlsbad, CA – September 6, 2010 (via — Every year, the United States Army Cadet Command conducts a Cadet Formal Inspection (CFI), which has formerly been referenced as the Annual Formal Inspection. After all phases of the program were reviewed during their most recent CFI, the Army and Navy Academy Corps of Cadets and JROTC Department were awarded with great praise for their performance. Since 1971, the JROTC has undergone many transitions. The program, established in the 1970s, was much less rigorous in comparison to the thoroughly inspected JROTC program found in place today.

After great preparation, the inspection day began at 8:00 AM with the arrival of the officers. This year there were two separate groups conducting the inspection, comprising a total of six experts. The first group, consisting of two high-level civilian experts that were headed by Ms. Sunny Rea, reported directly to the Cadet Command. This team was designed for evaluating the military department’s internal procedures of operation, which include areas such as operations, training, logistics and personnel administration.

The remaining four experts were from the Army ROTC program at San Diego State University. Under the direction of Lt. Col. Michael Arnold, a professor of Military Science, the team assessed all phases of student performance. This assessment included the unveiling of “Command and Staff” information, a demonstration of basic JROTC skill knowledge, and an “in-ranks” inspection of personal appearance and presentation of complete military control.

The hardest part of the inspection that proved to be very stressful, as well as time consuming, was the “in-ranks” personal appearance inspection. The four military inspectors assessed all appearances, scrutinized the cadets from head to toe, and asked questions based on topical JROTC subjects.

After lunch, the Corps moved to the parade field for their last major evaluation, the military review. Several inspectors said they were very pleased to see the Army and Navy School students ( ) successfully complete this routine, as it is highly difficult to drill and perform such movements. Many officials and teachers also participated in this most impressive performance.

Chief Inspector of Cadet Command, Ms. Sunny Rea, and Lt. Col. Michael Arnold, gathered the results and announced that the Corps received a score of 99% on their inspection. General Bliss reported results to the Corps and a cry of joy rang out upon hearing the good news. Due to the excellent performance of the Corps, the Academy again received the Honor Unit with Distinction award for the school year of 2009-2010.

Army and Navy Academy ( ) President, BG Stephen Bliss noted:

“The Corps of Cadets did an outstanding job on Wednesday. Led by the senior class, they made a really positive impression on the inspecting team. I am really proud of their accomplishments. It was a great performance from the opening briefing all the way through the pass in review.”

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