New Free Online Music Game, Instant Jam, Can be Played on Any Web Site, Including Facebook

Online game developer InstantAction has unveiled Instant Jam, first-ever console-quality, online music rhythm game that is embeddable on any web site, and can be played with anyone’s music collection.

Las Vegas, NV – September 9, 2010 (via — A new online music-rhythm game, Instant JamTM, has been announced by browser-based gaming innovator InstantAction®. Billed as the world’s first console-quality, free to play, online music-rhythm game, it is embeddable anywhere online, and can be played along with thousands of songs gamers already have in their own music libraries. Instant Jam is currently available as a beta program on Facebook. In coming weeks, the Instant Jam Beta Program will be open to the public through the game’s site, and embedded on sites all over the web.

Instant Jam is the first original game from InstantAction’s Vegas-based games studio, and delivers a core game experience with high quality 3D graphics – within the browser – and incorporates popular features of social games. InstantAction’s embeddable platform enables Instant Jam to be played anywhere, anytime – including on, Facebook, blogs, editorial sites and more. The only requirement is an Internet connection.

No longer restricted to a gaming console, players can jam along to their own music libraries (with support for thousands of the world’s most popular songs) by simply tapping their computer keyboards; or gamers can play using their favorite USB guitar controllers. Players can challenge online friends, enhance their game play by earning or purchasing virtual goods, gift items, or even share the game online as easily as a YouTube video. Players can check out gameplay by simply visiting the Instant Jam site,

“We created Instant Jam because we believe people should be able to play along to any song from any band or genre they like, rather than be confined to a handful of pre-set songs chosen for the game they’re playing,” said InstantAction’s CEO, Louis Castle. “We also strongly believe that games – like other forms of entertainment media – should be easier for consumers to discover, try, enjoy and share. Instant Jam embodies all of this and provides music lovers with a powerful new way to interact while experiencing their music.”

Launching with thousands of note charts, supporting the world’s most popular songs – more than all other console music-rhythm game franchises combined – Instant Jam will also be adding support for dozens of new songs each week. Each note chart is designed by an experienced game design team to provide an immersive gaming experience that really makes players feel like they are playing a guitar; Instant Jam does not simply track song beats as some algorithmically generated programs do.

“The best part of working on a AAA game that lives online is that, unlike a boxed product, we’re not done when the game goes live; we’re just getting started,” notes Amir Rahimi, Instant Jam’s Executive Producer. “Currently, Instant Jam has all of the game play people have come to expect from premium rhythm games on consoles. We’ll be continually adding support for new songs, major features such as fully customizable avatars, and more social elements based on feedback from our community.”

To find out more about Instant Jam features, and hear information and comments from the game developers, visit Instant Jam’s YouTube Channel,

When Instant Jam goes live, it will include these key features:

• Your Game. Instant Jam is free to play via social features as you earn fans, plays and new virtual items for bragging rights. Game play is enhanced as players level up and earn new items, or quickly purchase them with micro-transactions.

• Your Music. Instant Jam automatically checks the player’s music library, matching songs to suggested note charts – play right away with your music – be it a legendary rock classic or an emerging indie band. Or play songs with any note chart you choose.

• More Music. If there is something on the playlist a player doesn’t own, new songs can be easily purchased through the game from iTunes or Amazon, delivering in-game value beyond the cost of the song. Purchased songs are added to the player’s music library and can then be played anywhere.

• Share with Friends. Instant Jam can be embedded in any web page or blog. Simply copy and paste the embed URL into a blog entry or website. Share the game within a social network and challenge friends to see who jams best.

• Console-Quality Game play. Instant Jam is playable from within any browser – no long, annoying download wait times – and features game play comparable to the best music games on the market.

• Universal Play. Instant Jam is launching with thousands of note charts supporting the most popular songs in the world – more than all other console rhythm-music games combined. Support for dozens of new songs from around the world, in a variety of genres, are being added each week. The possibilities are endless!

• Your Style. Play Instant Jam with standard USB guitar controllers already on the market, or tap away on the computer keyboard.

• Coming Soon. Based on community feedback, The Instant Jam team will be adding new items and features on an ongoing basis.

Instant Jam gives consumers a powerful new way to engage with the artists and bands they love; it actually encourages and rewards them for purchasing music they can then play anywhere,” said Jed Weitzman, Head of Business Development for InstantAction. “Instant Jam is more than a game – it’s an open platform for discovering and experiencing music with friends through the power of social media. It has incredible potential to help artists showcase and sell their music by engaging fans in a genuine and impactful way.”

The creators of Instant Jam are a high-powered crew of game industry veterans behind blockbuster licensed original products including The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth I & II, Disney’s The Lion King, Blade Runner and Monopoly, as well as best-selling original franchises such as Steven Spielberg’s BOOM BLOX, Command & Conquer, Lands of Lore and Eye of the Beholder.

Instant Jam will initially be available on the PC. Macintosh and Flash versions will follow later in the year.

For an opportunity to access the Beta Program, or to learn more about Instant Jam, please visit

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InstantAction is an online gaming innovator bringing AAA-quality games to the web, making them playable through a browser. The InstantAction suite of tools and services enable game creators to deploy any game, made with any technology, to any destination on the Web. Based in Las Vegas and Portland OR, InstantAction is a business of IAC (Nasdaq: IACI). For more information, visit

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