Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, Cap and Kudler, Have Settled a Slip and Fall Case

Las Vegas personal injury lawyers, Cap and Kudler, have recently settled a slip and fall case for their client who was a victim of a personal injury accident. The client fell when he stepped into a shopping center bathroom which was flooded with water.

Las Vegas, NV – September 13, 2010 (via — Las Vegas personal injury lawyer, Donald Kudler, of the law firm Cap and Kudler, has settled a slip and fall case against a restaurant and the owners of the shopping center in which it is located. Donald Kudler represented a client who entered a bathroom which was flooded, and fell, hitting his head on the ground and injuring his neck and back.

Surgery has been recommended for the client’s injuries. The client plans on getting the surgery in the future.

The bathroom is located in a hallway outside of the restaurant, in an area controlled by the owners of the shopping center. Initially, the shopping center owner’s insurer denied any liability stating the restaurant had sole responsibility for injuries such as those suffered by Mr. Kudler’s client, regardless of where they occurred in the shopping center. Later, the shopping center took 50% liability for the personal injuries suffered by the client, who settled his slip and fall claim against the shopping center and the restaurant for an amount in excess of $160,000.00, according to Donald Kudler, of the las Vegas law firm of Cap and Kudler ( ).

The client underwent a long course of treatment starting with conservative care beginning with medical examinations and physical therapy treatments with Ted Thorpe, M.D. at Thorp Medical Center. The client also sought chiropractic care with Alberto Achaval, D.C. at A&M Chiropractic Wellness Center. Both of these treatments helped the client improve. However, he never got better, and finally had to see an orthopedic surgeon. The client sought care with William Muir, M.D. who has determined that the client would benefit from surgery. The client hopes to get this surgery, now that he has settled the case and can take the time off of work to undergo surgery.

According to Nevada personal injury attorney Donald Kudler ( ), “Slip and fall accidents can be some of the most difficult injury accident claims to settle due to liability issues involved in them.” The client is pleased with the settlement and hopes to have surgery in the future with the money he received in the settlement. “I’m glad I was able to help this client get a reasonable settlement in this case that could have gone through a difficult and long litigation.”

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