NewView Options Goes YouTubing & Gives Free Logins

NewView Options announced today a new video on YouTube that introduces its essay-writing software, NewView Essay Services. Also, NewView Options announced 100 free trial runs or free logins for NewView software, for a limited time.

Provo, UT – September 23, 2010 (via – Bill Drew, author of two Secret DNA books and CEO of NewView Options, announced today the debut of a concise new video on, demonstrating its NewView software. Drew also announced free NewView software logins, for a limited time.

So, Mr. Drew, when you said you have finally loaded a concise video onto YouTube, it seems to imply that you already have others out there on YouTube that are NOT quite so concise, is that right? “Yes, that’s the case. The other two videos we already had on YouTube were decent. But they got bogged down with explaining details of the program. And they didn’t highlight well enough the insight and excitement about our NewView proprietary process that this new video ( ) does. And so we think this video is a far better introduction to our subscription software program than the others.”

And what’s the name of the new video? “We titled it, How to write a great thesis EVERY TIME. Of course, we used that title because we wanted to communicate the idea that the software can be relied upon to produce great results every time you use it. Since coming up with a good thesis statement for an essay even just once has been practically impossible for most people to do, we felt they would be keenly interested if we told them straight out that they can get a terrific thesis statement every time they use the software.”

To go along with the new video, Drew’s company also announced 100 FREE trial runs or free logins to the software program, available on his company’s website ( ). One hundred free login and password pairs are provided so that 100 users can try out the software at the same time, continuously, through the rest of this year, he said. Just use any one of the login and password combinations provided.

Drew plans on publishing a series of Secret DNA of books that use his NewView concept of writing and reading, including: The Secret DNA of Topic Sentences That Entice Readers, The Secret DNA of Writing Advertising, The Secret DNA of Analyzing Novels, The Secret DNA of Shakespeare’s Plays, The Secret DNA of Business Writing, and more.

Drew has published The Secret DNA of Analyzing Short Stories (available at for $6.00, and for $6.50 as a PDF e-book at ) and The Secret DNA of Writing Essays – And Everything Else (also available at, for $9.50, and at his company’s website, for $12.50). NewView Essay Services, the computer program that automates the thesis-making process in the Writing Essays e-book, is available at on a subscription basis for 3-, 6-, and 12-month terms ($15.50, $20.50, $30.50).

Drew has also authored a series of expert online magazine articles about his NewView concept and process, which can be found and accessed for free at ( ) (the list of articles is at the very bottom of the page).

About NewView Options:
Founded in 2008, NewView Options is a Provo, UT, firm specializing in the teaching and training of writing for beginning, intermediate, and advanced writers. The company is focused on promoting its proprietary NewView approach to writing, reading, analyzing, communicating, and teaching. NewView Options provides Educational Discount Rates for school districts. Call 1-801-373-0447, visit, or e-mail for more information.

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