Discover the Missing Link to Weight Loss with MindBody FX at the 10th Annual West Coast Women’s Show in Abbotsford, BC

Why do so many people lose weight, but then fail to keep it off? There are a number of reasons, but at the end of the day, diets – by themselves – don’t work. What does work? Melonie Dodaro of MindBody FX will share her secrets at the upcoming West Coast Women’s Show in October.

Vancouver, BC – October 1, 2010 (via — According to a study done by the Penn State College of Medicine, many overweight people are able to lose weight, but then have a difficult time maintaining their weight loss. There are a number of reasons to explain this failure to keep the weight off, but the real bottom line is – diets alone don’t work. And at the 10th Annual West Coast Women’s Show, Melonie Dodaro, founder of MindBody FX, will explain why they don’t.

“I’ve seen negative thinking and low self-esteem prevent millions of people from losing weight and keeping it off,” says Dodaro. “But the same mind that creates these psychological barriers can also eliminate them. The mind is the difference between people achieving their weight loss goals, and wallowing in an endless cycle of yo-yo dieting. I’ll be sharing my system because I see the need to share my knowledge and secrets with more people. I want to help them enjoy all the health, happiness, and confidence they deserve.”

Increasingly, people are realizing that dieting is not the ultimate solution to achieving and maintaining their ideal weight. Melonie Dodaro founded MindBody FX based upon the principle of the mind-body connection. Her MindBody FX Lifestyle Program ( ), has been proven to help many people who had previously failed on diets alone. She developed the system after she noticed that clients who had positive attitudes and believed they would succeed were always successful at achieving their goal weight. Conversely, clients who made excuses for why they gained weight and had negative thoughts and attitudes (whether they realized it or not), rarely achieved their desired goals.

Ms. Dodaro will share her revolutionary approach to weight loss and maintainance at this year’s Annual West Coast Women’s Show, at the Trade and Exposition Center, Abbotsford, BC, on October 23rd and 24th. ( ) Billed as “The Ultimate Girl’s Day Out”, the 10th Annual West Coast Women’s Show will feature a presentation by Dodaro on both days.

“There is a great deal of confusing information about how to lose weight”, says Melonie Dodaro, “I know this personally as I used to be confused myself! We are bombarded with so many different fad diets and weight loss plans. Many people try some or all of them but still haven’t been able to see lasting results. I am personally familiar with these struggles and that’s really what inspired me to develop this system. I want to help others find the answers they are looking for, to finally achieve lasting and permanent weight loss. This is my purpose and my passion.”

MindBody FX founder Melonie Dodaro will be sharing her system at the 10th Annual West Coast Women’s Show, on October 23rd and 24th. In her presentation, titled “Discover the Missing Link to Weight Loss”, Dodaro will explain:

– 7 Biggest Myths in Weight Loss that are Sabotaging Your Results
– 4 Costly Misconceptions About Weight Loss Programs
– 5 Deadly Secrets About the Weight Loss Industry
– 4 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Weight Loss Program
– 5 Steps to Choosing a Healthy Weight Loss Program

Dodaro will be speaking at 12:30 PM on October 23rd, and at 12:00 on October 24th, at the Trade and Exhibition Center, in Abbotsford, BC. Admission to her Consumer Awareness Session will be free with admission to the West Coast Women’s Show. A video preview of her presentation can be seen online at

“I’m excited to have this opportunity to share this important, fundamental information with the women who attend the show this October,” said Dodaro. “We believe we have a weight management approach which breaks the cycle of self-defeating thoughts and behavior, for everyone who struggles with weight issues, self-sabotaging behaviour and emotional eating.”

About MindBody FX Weight Management Company:
MindBody FX Weight Management Company is the developer of The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program: A Total Transformation System for Permanent Weight Loss. The company was founded in 2009 by weight loss expert Melonie Dodaro. Dodaro spent three years developing The Complete MindBody FX Lifestyle Program after running weight loss centers for 10 years. MindBody FX Weight Management Company is based in Kelowna, BC, Canada. For more information about MindBody FX, visit and

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