Skullcandy and Trainwreck Present the Maloof Money Cup After Party

Trainwreck Apparel hosts the summer’s hottest after party at the Unix Mansion in Laguna Beach.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 22, 2009 — As the illuminating Professional and Amateur Skateboard Championship known as the Maloof Money Cup wraps up, skateboard talent and sponsors head over to Laguna Beach for the summer’s hottest after party presented by Trainwreck Apparel. Greg Lutza hosted the legendary festivities at the Unix Mansion while skate pros rolled in one by one.

Ryan Sheckler was among the first to get there but not the last, Adam Dyet, Zack Warren, Danny Everns, Eero Niemela, Kurtis Colamonico, Malcom McCassy, Ian Walsh, Iikka Baxtrom and Royce Taylor all trickled in as the party erupted. Guests enjoyed Monster energy drink while lounging on the deck among the avant-garde décor and overwhelming view of the ocean.

Trainwreck Apparel is this fall’s hot new line launching August 2009 to both men and women. The brand’s concept is the idea that most everyone has known a train wreck at some point in their lives and if they haven’t yet, they will. The garments for both lines are composed of 100% organic cotton t-shirts making it not only eco-friendly but comfortable as well. The line has a universal theme throughout, it captures love and lust and the emotions they trigger when a relationship ends. Trainwreck Apparel seeks to capture the reasons for an end to a relationship by displaying them as imagery that one can wear to express their experience to others. The collections have four meaningful graphics to describe each state of emotion.” Cory Duffel commented about the upcoming line “I have been dressing like this for a while. The look just fits my personality I guess…unique.”

Trainwreck was happy with the turnout and enjoyed the chance to kick back and relax with all Skateboard talent that made the event and the after party, a monumental experience.

Trainwreck Apparel provides a way for an individual to express their experience though the means of their personal apparel while providing for the greater good of the environment. Nature and contemporary apparel enthusiasts alike can log onto for more information.

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