Five Million Silver Salmon Are Coming: New Styles From Help Anglers Catch Their Limit.

With 5 million silver salmon (aka Coho Salmon) migrating to Oregon, Seattle and British Columbia, has released premium-tied fly patterns for the enthusiast to get their share of the catch. This seasons’ hatch is rumored to be the biggest since 1969.

Blaine, Washington (PressReleasePivot) September 15, 2009 — This year’s Coho Salmon run is expected to exceed 5 million. This unprecedented volume, not seen since 1969’s Super Run, could be just the ticket for fly fishermen who are in the right place, right time, with the right flies. has been developing 3 special flies just for this run. They will be released to the public starting September 9th.

“There is a significant difference between a fly, and a Coho Salmon fly”, says Bernadette Zuzarte, CEO of “You can waste a lot of hours trolling with the wrong fly if you’re new to subtle nuances of this particular run. We’ve taken pains to ensure you have the exact types of flies that perform well with the early run”.

Zuzarte referred us to two lead flies, and two backups, to ensure best overall results:

The Epoxy Minnow Candlefish, Rolled Muddler Minnow, Chartreuse and White Clouser Minnow and the Abel Anchovy: These are all imitations of candlefish, herring, anchovies, smelt that wild salmon, and pacific cod chase around the rock reefs, gravel bottoms and kelp forests along the strait.

“This season’s hatch is promised to produce nearly 5 million silvers. That means there is plenty of mining to be done”, says Ms Zuzarte. “The best shovel in my current quiver is the Epoxy Minnow Candlefish. That baby performs for me reliably regardless of the weather.”

Adding to the enthusiasm on fishing locations, Fishing Coaches President Dale Dorcas added, “During their peak periods, Sekiu and Neah Bay, specifically Tatoosh Island, have been, for us, many, many times more productive for migrating salmon than Puget Sound saltwater, or the San Juans, or even Port Angeles,” he says. “In August, Neah Bay is far better than Sekiu, as the silver schools haven’t yet committed entirely to the Strait. But by mid-September, Sekiu is as almost as good.” and will provide additional inside info on their websites.

He also offers these fishing tips:

“The biggest key: get out there before noon. Fish are in the shallows up to 10 feet in depth. You have to find the tide rips, where debris collects in a line, fish the clean side of the tide rip. If you don’t then try your heavier flies at around 30ft, something pink, green or silvery and shiny like the Candle fish minnows or Crazy Charlie whites. Flies that imitate the white of a herring.”

For fishermen looking to update their tackle boxes for mining the ocean inlets, some suggestions and insights are available at

For those intending to fish further up river, a range of salmon options, along with solid insights can be found at

Zuzarte invites those who want to start tying their own flies to a join her continuing series of workshops. “We have created a program to encourage fly tying and fishing between the generations, to encourage the spirit of family and continuation of a wonderful tradition”, she says. “Details for these will be emailed out to “Frequent Flyers” on their email mailing list and in local Northwest papers. Please join us if you want to be in the know about these workshop events at”

Flydealer was started in 1996 as a fly-tying manufacturer in Kenya. Now Zuzarte’s determination is to maintain and offer a higher quality premium fly using local material and talent. “We came into the online market and still remain one of the lowest priced fly suppliers, but our offer was that we maintained high quality; but with the down turn of the markets, cheap and low quality imports, we want to bring the business back to North America and use North American suppliers and tyers.” she added.

Visit Flydealer at and sign up to receive our monthly email offering discounts.

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