The BIG Weekend: What's In It for Me?

The BIG Weekend is a three-day, intensive self development seminar focused on helping the individual be the best that they can be. Life University offers attendees the opportunity to learn about themselves and what they are capable of at The BIG Weekend.

Los Angeles, CA (PressReleasePivot) September 15, 2009 – The first BIG Weekend will take place September 18 to 20 at The Renaissance Los Angeles LAX Airport Hotel, 9620 Airport Boulevard in Los Angeles. The BIG Weekend promises to be unlike any personal development seminar created before. The BIG Weekend ( ) promises that, over three days, participants will retrain the way they think and react to situations and break through any obstacles that hold them back from living their ultimate life.

“We’re even buying everyone dinner on Saturday evening,” says Seymour Segnit, Founder and President of Life University, ( ) creators of The BIG Weekend.

The BIG Weekend promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have “me time” in a meaningful way. Participants will learn about how they behave in many areas of their lives and what motivates them to succeed. It will be a time to focus on self-growth and commitment.

By attending The BIG Weekend ( ) and facing their own personal challenges head-on, participants will learn to be more focused on their goals and dreams, more of the time. Attendees will soon realize that they can, indeed, create their own reality to live the life they want.

“The benefits are: get rid of your baggage, learn a lot about yourself, refocus on your own life and your own goals and making you the best you that you can be for yourself and the people that you love,” explains Segnit.

There are four key areas that need to be in alignment to live your ultimate life: Money & Business, Health & Vitality, Love & Relationships, and Power & Purpose. Participants can mastermind their development in all the key areas of life.

“The work we do at The BIG Weekend ( ) is so powerful, and has impact in so many areas of your life, that we make a really unique guarantee,” promises Segnit. “On top of the usual money-back if not delighted, we’ll give you TWICE your money back if, a year after taking the program, you don’t think it was worth 1,000 times what you paid.”

The BIG Weekend is only available through Life University. Visit The BIG Weekend or Life University.

About Life University:
Life University ( ) was founded in 2008 as the world’s open source education platform, an environment where students and faculty can access knowledge, ideas and expertise within a global campus. Based in the United States, the company can be reached on the web at The BIG Weekend ( ) or by phone at 888-543-3802.

The BIG Weekend – ©Life University


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