Competitive Edge for Coaches and Consultants – ThoughtOffice Software Offers Instant Access to Expert-Level Solutions

Executive Coaches gain accelerated results and expanded intelligence with ThoughtOffice Corporation’s expanded version of their Coach & Consultant Program. The program, used by over 400,000 individuals and corporations to creatively solve problems and develop innovative solutions, includes add-on Expert Topic Modules addressing 16 key business and personal areas Coaches tap most often. Coaches can instantly access this expertise within the program, quickly adding to their own expertise, and helping solve client issues without having to necessarily outsource each area of specialty.

The ThoughtOffice program, consisting of a main Creativity Engine and add-on Expert Topic Modules, allows Executive Coaches and Consultants to tap the genius behind over 200 of the world’s most seasoned experts in the complete range of fields addressed, including Advertising, Marketing, Conflict, Behavior Modification, General Problem Solving, Analysis… even Employee and Corporate Investigation.

The core engine accesses the Expert Topic Modules, ( ) providing a fresh point of view and exhaustive banks of questions to help drill-down on each issue. The Coach selects the appropriate statements and questions, comments, web links and images, and adds them into a Session. Then the coach, working with the client, helps answer the questions, using the ThoughtOffice IdeaBrowser Creativity Engine to help expand on responses and find solutions that are potentially related to the answers, or other keywords or phrases found in the working document.

Additional ThoughtOffice bundles addressing various Coaching, Consulting and Business needs can be found on the company’s web site at, providing thousands of expert questions and comments to clients. Perfect for solving big problems, brainstorming, or preparing Coaching and Consulting sessions in advance, or performing consulting on-site. Simply add eXpertTopic Modules to get seasoned comments and strategies on various additional areas of expertise.

About ThoughtOffice Corporation:
ThoughtOffice, based in Vancouver, WA, develops and markets tools that empower individuals and organizations to create rich content and improve productivity by enhancing creativity. Founded in 2006, the company produces writing, brainstorming and creativity software, and its sister company, RichContent, provides PR & business services to technology startups and fast-growth companies. The company’s web site can be found at or can be reached by phone at 360-450-6888 or e-mail to

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