Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers, Cap & Kudler, Enter The Virtual Lawyering Market

Las Vegas Personal Injury lawyers, Cap & Kudler, have launched a website to provide online legal services to Nevada Residents. The site,, provides document creation, document review, legal questions by email phone or webcam, and legal coaching to clients in a secure environment. All legal assistance on the site is provided through the system and an attorney.

Las Vegas, NV – August 16, 2010 (via — Nevada now has a law firm based in Nevada providing virtual lawyering to Nevada residents.

Allen A. Cap and Donald C. Kudler formed Cap & Kudler in 2004 after working together as associates in another firm for several years. In the beginning, Cap & Kudler’s primary clients were victims of personal injury accidents. While Allen A. Cap and Donald Kudler continue to represent personal injury clients, they also represent clients in other civil litigation matters, such as breach of contract and other business cases.

As part of this expansion of services, Allen A. Cap and Donald Kudler have launched, a website that provides online legal services to the residents of Nevada. The site provides several services to clients who become members, including: the preparation and attorney review of legal documents; legal coaching; and legal advice through email, phone call, or web cam. In addition, the site contains legal information on many areas of law including bankruptcy, family law, consumer law, and employment law.

According to Donald Kudler, “We want to provide online legal services to Nevada Residents at a reasonable cost. While there may be competing sites, our services are all provided through an actual lawyer – not just a computer assisting the user to create a document.” The site,, is based on the platform for virtual lawyering and is a member of the family of law firms.

Allen A. Cap is also excited to enter into virtual lawyering since, in his words, “we can provide legal services to a broader area of clients without the need for them to make long and time consuming visits to our office. We understand that our clients’ time is as important to them as ours is to us.”

About Cap & Kudler:
Allen Cap and Donald Kudler, of Cap & Kudler, ( ) have been representing victims of personal injury accidents since 1984. Cap & Kudler have represented hundreds of victims of personal injury accidents who were injured as a result of slip and fall accidents, automobile accidents, medical malpractice and other injuries. Allen A. Cap and Donald C. Kudler also represent individuals and businesses in regards to contract, employment and other business related matters, both pre- and post-litigation. Visit the web site at E-mail or call 702-878-8778 for information.

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