Associative Thinking Software from ThoughtOffice Provides Fountain of Fresh, Creative Ideas

ThoughtOffice inspiration software uses “associative thinking” and a form of linear mind-mapping to create a fountain of fresh ideas. Internet databases provide millions of words, phrases, and images to prompt creative thinking, while providing expert guidance with thousands of structured queries, all through a single interface.

Blaine, WA, September 8, 2009 (PressReleasePivot) — When the creative well runs dry, thought leaders can now go for inspiration to software that uses “Associative Thinking” and a form of linear Mind-mapping process to create a fountain of new ideas. Tapping an online database of over 3,000,000 images, 9,335,432 words, colloquialisms and phrases, and more than 13,700 questions, innovation software from ThoughtOffice Corporation taps rapidly growing web-based indexes to quickly provide creative inspiration and solutions to real-world problems.

“In the field of creativity, people are now using associative thinking, or the process of following a word to another associated word, image, phrase or thought, then building on those threads of ideas. This is a great way to ‘seed’ the creative process,” says Mark Alan Effinger, CEO and Founder of ThoughtOffice Corporation. “What we’ve created in ThoughtOffice is a tool that not only bootstraps the creative process, but also organizes the results, making it easy for users to hand off the idea, and each important element that went into creating it, allowing someone else to execute the idea. ThoughtOffice is designed to bring creativity together with productivity, with the intention that more inspired ideas will actually go on to become products, services and solutions that enhance peoples’ lives.”

The core of the ThoughtOffice program is the Brainstorming Session, which is a document created by the user, branded and copyrighted right from the very start of the creative process. This easy branding process takes under 30 seconds to do, but is a key in capturing and presenting the creative process.

Once a Session is started, the ThoughtOffice Associative Search Engine provides the word associations, phrases, quotations, definitions, keywords and images that add intelligence to the brainstorming session. The user begins with a word, question, or phrase and then the program finds associations of all kinds. For example, the word “party” might lead to “mask” which in turn may recall Eric Stoltz, who stars in the upcoming “Caprica”.

As the brainstorming Session begins to take shape, images can be added, further supporting the creative process. With a database of more than 3,000,000 keyword-indexed images (growing rapidly), the Session becomes very detailed, but never gets slow or unwieldy. When complete, a Session can describe perfectly how an idea was formed and could be executed, including specifications, screen shots, drawings or photos, and documenting each step of the ideation process. Videos that show how the program works can be seen on the company’s web site.

“I can’t think of a quicker way to develop new ideas, whether the user is a novelist looking for new story lines and characters, or a businessman who needs to create an up-to-date marketing strategy,” comments David Lockman, ThoughtOffice Product Specialist. “We use it internally every day to help create content, write our blog, and develop new programs. ThoughtOffice allows users to tap their brains for associations they might not have recalled until prompted by the program. The program is a kind of ‘mental turbocharger’, sowing seeds of inspiration in your mind, that grow into innovative solutions.”

ThoughtOffice comes bundled with the IdeaBrowser, its integrated Associative Search Engine, and a selection of expansion modules that contain the stored expertise of up to 217 MBAs, PhDs, and business leaders. Developed for both Mac OS X and Windows XP / Vista, the program accesses Internet databases of words, phrases, images and more, in real-time. Expansion modules are available covering 16 topics, including business planning, marketing, advertising, product naming, and problem solving.

About ThoughtOffice Corporation:
ThoughtOffice, based in Blaine, WA, develops and markets tools that empower individuals and organizations to create rich content and improve productivity by enhancing creativity. Founded in 2006, the company produces writing, brainstorming and creativity software, and its sister company, RichContent, provides PR & business services to technology startups and fast-growth companies. The company’s web site can be found at or can be reached by phone at 360-450-6888 or e-mail to

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